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  1. I have been reading post on this meesage board for the last while and I must admit I'm a little confused about the importing of DWG's in version 11. Am I correct in assuming that I can now import X-referenced DWG files as long as I have all the documents? If so, that's a good enough reason alone to upgrade.
  2. I tried the selecting and polygon edit tool. Wow! This is exactly like the stretch command in Acad. I have been using VectorWorks for 6 years now and needed that solution. Katie, why have you not published that in any of the other stretch message boards? You keep on giving other solutions, but that is certainly the best. Thank you Arthur&Leon!
  3. quote: Originally posted by arthur&l?on: Hello Select hat you want to stretch Pick the reshape poly tool Drag a rectangle around what you want to stretsch Drag to where you want If you need more accuracy, enter x and y values with 'tab'. Validate even zeos. It's exactly a stretch tool as in acad. Doesn't work with groups and symbols. I don't know for 3d. Regards. Francesco
  4. Can anyone tell me if it it possible to reference only part of a layer. I know you can reference an entire layer to another document, but I have a situation where I have a key plan of a very large building with three seperate additions. I only want to reference the areas where the additions are. If I reference the whole layer, then the drawing is going to be about 15 times the size of the actual page. I do not particularly want to have to use "white" polygons to cover the areas on the page I don't want. That seems a little crude. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Lett, There is a slowness of OS 10 overall that I've noticed. We have reports of VW crashing in OS 10 for no apparent reason, at least not one that we've been able to track down. On the other hand, I've also noticed other native applications crashing in OS 10 for no apparent reason. None the less, VW 9.5 and 9.5.1 shouldn't be running slower than VW 9.0.1. Have you made sure that everything, including drivers are up to par to match the OS version that you are using ? Does VW 9.5 and 9.5.1 run slow in OS 9 for you as well, or do they run faster in OS 9 rather than OS 10 ? About how much slower is it running ? When you experience this slowness, do you have your email on or is there another application in the dock that is taking up the processor usage?I've seen VW slow down as far as snapping or redraw when the email program was checking mail or another application in the doc was doing some behind the scenes work. Is the dock bouncing when you notice these slow downs? Katie, I have tried it without any other app running and it is still slow. I have noticed that it is really slow when I run it with iTunes playing. I've also been working on a large document lately. If the document is corrupted, then how do I copy it into a new document so that the file size is smaller. I have tried purging eveything and it is still a 10mb doc.
  6. Katie, We are also having crashing problems. We are running a dual 450 G4 running OS 10.1.3 and Vectorworks Architect 9.5.1. Every now and then, it just quits. It also happens on our new iMac 800 w. 1GB RAM although not as much. I'm also finding 9.5 and 9.5.1 veeeery slooow. I can't get over how slow it is. You would think with 800mhz and 1GB RAM it would be fast. Dragging object, lines, etc. is slow. any thoughts. Bill.
  7. Katie, It also happens with Apple's LaserWriter 8.7 software which according to apple is carbon compatible. Any Thoughts?
  8. quote: Originally posted by Katie: The problem you are experiencing on the 455 is more than likely due to Mac Plot or whatever ripping software you are using to print to it from your Mac not being carbon compatible. To be able to print to a ripping software or printer from a carbonized application, the print drivers or ripping software needs to be carbon compatible as well.
  9. In 9.5, using our Epson 1520 and our HP 455CA plotter: After setting the needed parameters in page setup for our drawing when we go to print, all the information we just set is lost and the drawing does not print properly. It will always print as if it is an 8.5 X 11, vertical. Even when, under Page Layout, it is set at "one page". When we go back to 9.0.1 and do the same, it works fine and the info in Page Setup is remembered. This happen to anyone else?
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