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  1. Tom, Sorry for the confusion, what I meant was a wall project that is on a diagonal in elevation, i.e. viewed from straight on, not in plan as you've drawn it. Great insight however, thank you!
  2. Tom, Reshape tool in conjunction with Wall Projection tool? Thanks, Graham
  3. Tom, I'll post it once I figure it out 🙂 but I'm thinking of a wall projection that is diagonal in elevation, not in plan, i.e. starts at the top corner of the wall and runs down to the lower corner at the opposite end, for instance.
  4. Tom, thank you for this. What if I want to do something like a diagonal?
  5. Any thoughts on the best way to add sculptural wall elements (i.e. recesses, changed in thickness, etc.) to a VW model? It would likely be constructed with a EIFS approach (exterior insulation on a wood framed wall that varies in thickness.) Not sure how to do this most elegantly so that the BIM functions are best preserved.
  6. Thank you both. I've outsourced my drafting for several years and the last time I tried this it "just worked." I'm not sure if my drawing border was deprecated or replaced.
  7. This is running in VW 2020 SP6 (Build 580724) on Mac OS 10.15.7. Revision shows up in Title Block Manager but doesn't display on Sheet Layer in Title Block. revision example.vwx
  8. Will do, but it will take some time to isolate the particulars. Thanks for your help!
  9. Alan, Sorry for not posting sooner, but here's the "1:1 Scale Model," in progress and complete. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hello, I'm using a standard title block (US Arch NCS) and am able to create a revision through the title block border settings, but nothing shows up in the title block. See attached.
  11. Legacy custom stair tool! Much more useful than the current tool, IM(H)O. Allows for unlimited # of flights and landings, custom configurations.
  12. That's it, thank you Alan! Depending on the circumstance, it seems easier either to use a script that takes NURBS as an input (allowing the user to manually position them) or to use an earlier version of the script that takes polylines and a numeric position for each as the input (which makes small adjustments of position easy from within the script.) On the earlier shelving example, it was quite easy for the resultant curve to crash the contour portion (when the curb doubled over itself, for example) so I spend time, trial and error, moving the middle curve up and down. Fun!
  13. Alan, My apologies. The example file is derived from my design file, which became corrupted somehow. If someone wants to sort out why you can't change contour direction, that's great, but here's a working version. bench.vwx
  14. Alan, Funny you should offer! I'm trying to turn this toward designing a bench and can't seem to change the direction of the contours (I'd like them to run in the Y direction in plan view.) Also weird, when I tried to put the script above into my main design file in VW, it changed the direction of the contours and I couldn't adjust it, so I had a separate VW file, working properly, to generate the geometry and I pasted it into the other file. parametric_bench.vwx Here's one more perceptive of the studio.
  15. The other two were views of the iterations of shelves - glad I didn't do it manually! The process was really quite subtle; small changes make a big difference in the result and/or crashed the script after lofting a curve that couldn't be contoured. I updated my post with screenshots instead of pdfs so the images appear inline. Now I need to build this! Thanks again!
  16. Alan, It's taken a lot of time, and much more fiddling, but I finally got a result I like. Thank you so much for your assistance. I'm happy I automated this process because it took quite a few tries to get the desired result. Regards, Graham
  17. I looked for such a regulation in the US, and didn't find one. Odd that VW would "cook in" one code regulation (even with "use max/min values" unchecked this limit remains) but allow one to make stairs with rises and runs that are non-compliant, for example. I think they should leave this value at the discretion of the designer too. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually brought back the custom stair tool from the legacy workspace and it did this just fine.
  18. I would like to create a U-shaped stair with a split landing (i.e., one riser between the sections of landing) but the stair configurator when set to "U-stair, double landings" will not allow 1 riser to be set in the landing portion. Why is this? What's the best solution?
  19. I'll try that, thanks! Any thoughts as to how to get the bottom shelf to appear? i.e. at the very bottom of the loft surface?
  20. I've made some progress. Alan, I modified your network to use three polygons to create the lofted surface. I've created three networks, one complete and the other two split, so that one creates the lofted surface and the other creates the shelves. Two problems remain: 1) The "loft" command in Marionette doesn't seem to work for the polygons I've created. Running the second network (to create the loft) will show you what happens with the Marionette command. I've included a manually created loft to illustrate the difference. 2) The network portion that uses the contour node to create the shelves doesn't create a shelf at the bottom of the surface. Running the third network uses the manually created surface to create the desired result. It would be nice if one network could do the whole thing. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Graham Lofting Shelves v2.vwx
  21. Alan, This is great, thank you! I'm going to play with it a little bit and try to introduce a third polygon into the loft - I'll keep you posted. Regards, Graham
  22. Here's a script that lofts a surface from three NURBs curves and attempts to make contours from it, but it has an error. Any thoughts? The contour function seems to cut contours vertically, rather than horizontally, as I need, but perhaps that's due to the error.parametric shelves v2017.vwx Thanks, Graham
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