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  1. Any update to this? I'm trying to do something similar. I have a symbol with a marionette object inside. I want to be able to change the dimensions of the marionette within a symbol without all the other symbols changing. To accomplish this I'd like there to be a record field in the symbol that can be changed to update the embedded marionette.
  2. Thanks Patrick. Let me backup. How do I create a node that returns the vs.GetUnits variable?
  3. I am trying to calculate the area of a 2D polygon in square feet, independent of whatever the document units are. The "area" node only returns a value in the document units. Is there a way to specify the units independent of the document settings?
  4. Update to this thread. The "weirdness" only seems to happen when I'm in OpenGL. If I'm in wireframe it works much better. The tool works best in top/plan view in wireframe. 3D views in wireframe and/or OpenGL get screwy.
  5. Hmm. That's weird. When I change a parameter in the OIP for the marionette object the geometry breaks apart. When I double-click into the object to edit the network and immediately click the "Exit Marionette Script" box everything looks right. Screenshots attached.
  6. I've created a pretty nifty 3D projection cone object using marionette. I can change the throw distance, lens shift, etc... However after I turned the marionette network into a marionette object every time I change one of my parameters everything gets screwy. If I double click into the object and edit the network, then exit everything looks normal again. Anyone have any thoughts? File attached. . . Marionette Proj Playground.vwx
  7. Empty group is created when I use the convert to 3d polys node. I've attached the vwx file. Can anyone help? Marionette Proj Playground.vwx
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