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  1. I successfully made a QT VR panorama and was impressed. However, I can?t figure out how to change the resolution of the panorama image. I tried the preferences export option dialog and I tried to increase the screen size of the image before selecting the menu item to export QT panorama. I am very disappointed that this feature is not in any of the manuals and can?t find instructions on the VW tech support website. Please help. Nemetschek: please consider adding a section in your ?tutorials? section. VW 11, Windows XP
  2. I agree ... I use both OSs and VW seems about the same but I prefer Mac because the tool palettes are easier to minimize/maximize than in Win XP. I seem to have greater printing problems on the Win XP version but it might be related to printer software. I also agree on speed ... my mac is slower, but for 2D work it doesn't matter. For 3D work and renderings, speed is everything (and no machine is fast enough). Mac OSX VW 10.5 G4 12" 880MHz laptop Win XP VW 11.1 Pent IV 2.88GHz
  3. I've done several animated orbits and fly-byes, and I often find the data rate is too fast for my computer (or other computers) to play smoothly. I know how to slow it down, but I wonder about this: Is there a way to make a QT animation, then transfer it to a DVD format and disc, and then play it on any DVD player at full size / smooth speed ? (my problem is not platform dependant, I have both a Mac powerbook 877MHz and a Pentium 4 2.80 GHz, VW/RW 11.1 on the pentium.)
  4. I wish VW would have a tool that can take the 2D layout of parking spaces and turn them into 3D lines or 3" wide paint stripes that could be put on a landscape or even just a flat plane. Ideally, it would be nice to have a 2D representation with the normal lines, then when the view is switched to 3D, the single lines become 3D paint stripes for each parking space .... good for 3D models and fly-byes.
  5. yes ... before you use the stamp tool, go to it's preferences box (upper left corner of work area) and reset the size of the box. After you do it once, all the following boxes will be that size. My text boxes all accept 3 digits or more with the number stamp tool (VW 11, Windows and Mac)
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    I do not consider myself an expert, but I've done several animations using Quicktime and I am frequently annoyed by inconsistant results.... some I'm sure are operator error. 75% it works great, but the other 25% something unexplained will mess things up. I am not smart enough to figure out why. Suggest you try again. I can't solve your problem, but I can commisserate.
  7. Hey Katie.... this "non-feature" about not being able to view the active wall type is a big pain for me .... and I think probably for others. Can you see if your software gurus can change this in the future?
  8. Can anyone recommend a good tutorial on using Renderworks 10.5? I've found the manual is way too elementary and does not cover the details. Specifically, I can't find instruction on how to get the shaders/textures to reflect light correctly. When editing textures, there are a lot of terms that are not in the manual and I still can't figure what "phong" is. PS: Nemetshek... in my opinion your time is best spent on making everything work well and writing good, detailed manuals (even if you would just post them on the website it would help). There are already more features than I can figure out how to use, but an exhaustive texture library and more prop objects would be a big help.
  9. I’ve been reading about the Mac OS X speed issues with great interest. I intend to upgrade both my computer and VW. Currently using VW/RW 8.5 and Mac OS 8.6. Can anyone tell me: 1) Is VW/RW ver 10 faster using Mac OS 8.6 than it is in Mac OS X? 2) Will the new Powerbook G4 12” (or 17”) run OS 9.2 or lower? 3) Should I expect the same speed in VW using Mac OS 9.2 as I would using the “classic” mode in OS X? Thanks for your help / opinion.
  10. I use VW 8.5.2 on a Macintosh and can not buy a compatible version of RenderWorks. Nemetschek doesn't have RW ver 8, nor does anybody else (including Ebay where I've been searching for months). Would anyone please consider selling me their old copy? I already called Nemetschek and they said there is no problem with license transferal, and you can still upgrade if needed. I dont' want to upgrade because I only do a couple houses a year. Please respond with Email to rocket1322@yahoo.com
  11. Please help me.... I'm a part time VW user and want to buy RenderWorks version 8 to go with my VW 8.5.2 but can't find any store or place to buy it from. I called Nemetschek, they said they don't sell it anymore, then referred me to distributors who don't sell it. Can't find it on ebay either. I don't want to upgrade to VW and RW version 9. I understand RW 9 will not work on VW ver 8.5.2. I use a Macintosh sys 8.6 and would be willing to buy a RW version 8 from anyone. If interested, send an email to me at rocket1322@yahoo.com
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