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  1. We are having the same problem and get exactly the same result by the sound of things. As a teacher, I would like to use Bluebeam to mark student work in PDF form and am keen to get an answer to this problem. VW12.5.1 Win Xp pro 32bit and 64bit
  2. Not knowing what you have tried, have a look at this address http://www.ozcad.com.au/support/techsupportdongle.html and see if the info there is of any benefit. It worked in our lab situation.
  3. Use the Move 3D command from the Tool menu or Ctrl Alt M shortcut and specify the Z height requirement. Object Info palette will only allow you to edit the 3D objects size not position in the Z axis. To create duplicates in the Z axis you would need to view from Front position and then use Duplicate Array treating Y values as Z information. Hope that helps. Cheers gdickson
  4. Version 11 appears to the left of the file name above the menu bar in the top left corner of your screen. Well this is on my PC and I assume the same would apply to the mac version.
  5. gdickson


    We are creating 60 sec animations with FQ Renderworks with Animationworks in VWA11 Aust. The first animation worked well but in the second animation the last 20 secs shows as the cloud background only yet in OGL the path shows a correct view through the building. As it took 6HRS on a 2.4GHz P4 with 1G Ram it was a bit frustrating to find the final result not as it should appear. We have resorted to using OGL as the render level to view the transparencies but the background does not show and accordingly the final result is not what we hoped to achieve. Any suggestions as to some settings to modify to achieve FQR quality animations? Where did the last 20secs of images go?
  6. I have experienced the same situation and now believe that the problem could be attributed to the storage space available on your server at the time of saving. Check this aspect. As far as resurrecting the file, there is very little you can do.
  7. I have note seen this information before. The words Destroy List have appeared next to the render progress bar but I am not clear as to what it is refering to. I thought it could have been a message in relation to a cancellation of the rendering but it seems to have appeared at other times. Is it cause for concern, can you indicate what it is associated with.
  8. We have experienced this problem from early in April and have responded to ANT on the 6/9/2003. Some of our corrupt files are in the hands of the engineers but as yet no response has been forthcoming. Added to this are problems with rendering such that I am looking at other options to work with with native or exported VW files. As a user since Mincad macintosh days I have always supported the software but I feel the latest version has been causing an unacceptable number of problems with users.If you have experienced corrupt files respond to make it known how big the problem may be.
  9. I am also experiencing corrupt file problems on our student network. At least 6 students have been unable to open their files comprising many hours of work. This has never happened before and we are long time users of VW. Work group referencing didn't achieve anything however there seems to be considerable information still in the files according to their size. Over the last 6 weeks the problem has presented itself at various times. The network has not been modified in the last few months. I have left details with our Australian distributor but thought it appropriate to add to the communication about this topic. We are also experiencing regular program terminations which can't be isolated to any specific set of events. Using VWA 10.1 on P4 Win 2000 512mB RAM
  10. gdickson


    I too am interested in translating files into 3D Max to take advantage of the animation process for 3d models and architectural work. Any advice from users operating in this way will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi all, I also am able to open 2 concurrent versions of VW 10. I have a shortcut in the start bar and a programmable mouse button for double click. When double clicking on the shortcut I have two functioning VW10 applications running. I have also opened up 4 instances of the program but the last two said they were running in demo mode. I have multiple serial numbers installed however the open versions are using the same serial number. Win 2000.
  12. Seems like the hard way to go about it. Create a polygon and edit the verts to achieve the curve you need. It is now polyline, extrude to the height required. Apply edge blend to the top and bottom surfaces.
  13. I have encountered a runtime error when trying to shell a cone. Using the cone tool, create a cone. Select shell tool and set options to shell inside with tangents active. Select object and apply. Runtime error occurs. Running on win 2000 P4 256mb.
  14. I am interested to know if RW10 will operate with all of its capabilities on VWA 9.5.2?
  15. I have had several instances where the addition of two solids gave me the opposite effect and hence applying subtract solids provided me with the correct result i.e. added solids. This has happened in a previous version but was not really of concern however the problem has reappeared. I am using 9.5.1 win 2000. Is it a known problem from other users? Is there a fix?
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