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  1. mr-stoo

    Installing Vectorworks 2019

    Jim I figured it out and posted what I found.
  2. mr-stoo

    Installing Vectorworks 2019

    And what about silent install? Vectorworks 2019 SP1 - has anything changed? The usual switches are not working for me.
  3. I'm trying to find the silent install switches specifically for Vectorworks 2019. I deploy the software to several classrooms silently but I cannot find this information anywhere. The switches that worked with 2017/18 don't seem to work with 2019, no matter what I do the app starts to extract and GUI still launches. I've tried the "--help" switch - it gives me nothing, just extracts and launches the GUI. I'm using the "Vectorworks2019-SP1-456974-SeriesBEG-installer2-win". I've tried the switches on the the original ".zip" file (see below) and also the one the installer extracted to the temp folder, with the same result. I've previously packaged and deployed every version since VW 2012 - has so much changed or am I doing something wrong? Any help or advice is much appreciated! Edit: I found the answer, I misread the instructions. Unzip the Vectorworks 2019 installer (from the first image. or grab the extracted temp files like I did). Navigate the folders "resources\installer" and run the command line switches on this "Install Vectorworks2019.exe"


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