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  1. Thank you! Annoyed I didn't catch that myself!
  2. For some reason, the symbol insertion tool is not working for me. Prior to VW2017, I would double click a symbol in my resource browser, then click anywhere in my drawing to place, then angle a 2D symbol. Now, when I double click a symbol in the browser, it selects the symbol insertion tool correctly, but when I click to place the symbol it says "A symbol needs to be selected" in the bottom righthand corner. Running VW2017 SP2 on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.5. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Yep, definitely downloaded, it is a custom symbol.
  4. Been running into a few problems with symbols in 2017 I've never seen before: When I layer a normal 2D symbol on top of a lighting instrument, then zoom out, the stacking order gets messed up and the lighting instrument is on top. Double clicking a 2D symbol in the resource manager brings up the symbol selection tool, yet when I click to place the symbol, I get the error "A symbol needs to be selected." It can still be dragged from the resource manager to be placed, but this is inconvenient. I never encountered this issue in previous versions. Any help/insight much appreciated!
  5. I believe I found a bug on VW2017 build 327801. I lay down a spotlight instrument, then add an additional 2D symbol on top of it. Then, when I zoom or pan the drawing, the spotlight symbol superimposes itself on top of the 2nd symbol and stays there. I can go back and fix the sort order by saying "send to back," but when I zoom it gets messed up all over again. I never noticed this in 2015 or 2016. Thanks!
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