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  1. Thank you for the tip, Upon your reply I downgraded to Mac Os High Sierra, problem solved, Best,
  2. I have the same problem, almost identical hardware specs, my laptop became unusable, Any solutions?
  3. We(3 People) are using VW 2017 project sharing via dropbox, Master file is about 100MB although it is quite a large project, we have more than 120 sheets already, we mostly use symbols and plugin objects, and VP's. We haven't experienced any crashes at all, but the problem is it becomes incredible slow, I mean moving a rectangle takes about 3 seconds, although I checkout layer that I'm working on. I've already contacted technical support and their solution was replacing the master file, it worked for about a week, so now we are recreating master file weekly. Only the Master file is on Cloud, working files are locally stored.And network connection is 100Mbps/40Mbps. If I switch to offline mode file works quite good, but I need network connection for my computer. Is there another walk around? Thanks
  4. My bad there is no bug, Clip surface works great. I was using Clip tool, it was working well in VW2016 for roof objects, apparently roof command upgraded in VW2017. Thank you for the hint.
  5. Weird bug VW 2017 SP2, Once I clip the roof object(styled or unstyled) it converts into a generic objects, it was not happening in VW 2016, only solution I came up is Ungrouping the object first (which I lose control of several adjustments), then clipping it out. Any suggestions or experiencing same problem?
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