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  1. Agreed! I have the label classes set to be filled, no luck there. I may need to completely rebuild the label legend as they have been transferred over many version of Vectorworks. I solved the issue with certain fixtures not filling - the actual object inside the symbol had a record attached to it, in addition to the symbol's record. I think that conflict was causing data viz to not see it as an object needing a fill. -Clay
  2. I've noticed this happening with certain fields such as "Address". I check the sync settings in LW and the "Address" field was not in the EXPORT column. Once I moved it over and did a full export it seemed to solve the issue. Perhaps check that all important fields are in the EXPORT column in LW?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have recently started using Data Viz to highlight certain fixtures in a light plot. I'll set some data in a user column and then in the viewport set Data Viz to change the fill of those instruments, based on a user field. For most objects it works as designed, and is much more flexible than my old method (layer colors). However I have noticed a few issues with this new feature. With certain instruments the fill won't take at all to the symbol. If I re-draw the outline from scratch and place it in the symbol this seems to solve the problem. Any idea why this is happening? I have confirmed that all attributes of the "broken" object match attributes of other working objects. Occasionally the fill will only take to certain parts of the symbol, like a small circle inside the instrument. The label legend fill does not change to match the symbol, so the channels in the center of the units have white fill over a yellow unit. See below for an example. Thanks, -Clay


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