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  1. GlueDT92

    Data Tags Not Updating At Export

    Thanks Nikolay! In the meantime is there anything I can do or another tool I can use that will automatically refresh at export? It's going to get pretty tedious if I have to edit the tag every time I export a file! Simon
  2. GlueDT92

    Data Tags Not Updating At Export

    Attached is a sample file. In this one, the data tag is embedded in the "Revised" stamp in the top right corner, not in the title block. Data Tag.vwx
  3. GlueDT92

    Data Tags Not Updating At Export

    Was already checked in my export settings ūüėě
  4. GlueDT92

    Data Tags Not Updating At Export

    I have a couple of stock data tag styles embedded in my title block to show date & time but I just noticed that they don't update to the current date time when I export a sheet layer, they show the date & time that I originally inserted them into the title block. The only way I have found so far to force an update is to edit the tag data. Is there a way to have this happen automatically (like the old data stamp tool used to do)? Simon
  5. Thanks Matt! This seems to have worked. Much appreciated. Simon
  6. In the attached file, the unit rounding style is currently set to decimal, but I want to change that to fractional. However, when I change to fractional my existing dimensions in Viewport 1 freak out & start displaying in strange formats (i.e. 25'-6.25" turns into 2.5520833333333e01 instead of 25'-6 1/4"). Can anyone tell me what's going on & if there is a way to make that change without having to recreate all of the existing dimensions in my file? Thanks! Simon Dimensions.vwx
  7. GlueDT92

    Data Tag Date Formatting

    And a followup - is there a way to have the time part of the tag display AM/PM? Thanks, Simon
  8. GlueDT92

    Data Tag Date Formatting

    Im trying to get a data tag to display a date in the MM/DD/YYYY format (so January 3 2019 would display as 01/03/2019). I have downloaded the stock "Date Stamp Date-Time-Name No Fill" which says it is formatted as MM/DD/YY (01/03/19, which I would settle for) but it is displaying as 1/3/19. I have tried to modify the tag field definition but that doesn't seem to allow me to manipulate the format. Is there a way to change the format of a date in the data tag tool? Thanks! Simon
  9. I often wish I could change object attributes using record formats. For example, I have a symbol that has a piece of text contained within it. Depending on when the symbol is going to be installed, I color the text red, blue, or purple to indicate installation timing to my team. As it stands I have 3 different symbols, 1 red, 1 blue, & 1 purple for each situation. It would be amazing if there was a way to create a record field that allowed me to select the color of the text depending on the situation - that way I could have a single symbol with an associated record.
  10. Is there a place to download the previous service pack for VW18? I just updated and now VW crashed when I attempt to open certain files! Thanks
  11. It would be really awesome if you could have multip[le discrete sets of Sheet & Project data in a single file. I have files that require several different types of title blocks depending on whop the information is being sent to, each of which has different fields that are required. Right now, I have to search through a huge list of fields, only some of which apply to the title block in question, to find the fields that need to be filled out for that particular title block. I'm constantly having to triple check that I haven't missed any fields.
  12. I have a file which requires a few different title blocks depending on what type of information is being presented & who the sheet will be sent to. I have 3 different title block styles int he file; A, B, & C. Each of those title blocks has different fields that are required. When I go to add or delete a field to that title block style those changes carry over into the other 2 title blocks. For example, if I edit the Title Block A style and add a "Vendor" field to the sheet data section the Vendor field will now appear as an option in the sheet data of title blocks B & C. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to have 3 different sets of project & sheet data in a single file?
  13. GlueDT92

    Data Stamp Text Justification

    This seems like it should be incredibly simple, but I cant get it to work. Is there a way to justify the text of a data stamp object left or right? I have data stamps embedded in my title block for the date & time fields, but I can only get them to justify to center which is problematic. I have tried going to the text menu alignment option but changing those settings does not change anything.
  14. GlueDT92

    Titleblock style - File path option not working

    I had a similar issue when I updated my usual title block to use the VW18 title block tool. As a workaround, you can insert a data stamp into your title block layout and check just the "Show File Name" box. This will function in the same way as using the title block tool field. Note that it will not update until you actually export/publish the sheet layer!
  15. GlueDT92

    Snapping to invisible classes

    Does anyone know if a resolution to this was ever found? I'm having the same issue in VW18!


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