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  1. @Pat Stanford Yup, that worked perfectly. Out of curiosity, how were you able to tell that the data was being stored as a text value instead of a number?
  2. I have multiple stanchion objects in a drawing & am trying to easily count the total number of stanchions required using a worksheet, but I cant seem to get the total to sum. Ideally my current 38 line database row would be summarized as a single sum total number, but when I use the sum values & summarize items check boxes it just returns me a -- instead of a number. Stanchion Test.vwx
  3. This seems like it should be incredibly simple, but I can not for the life of me get the Relative X,Y labels for my hoists to change text size. I have tried editing it through the Set Hoist Data Display menu as well as via the text menu and neither seem to have any effect on them. I can adjust the text size of every other label associated with the hoists, just not these particular field.
  4. I draw a rectangle in a project sharing file & give it a name. I then save & commit. In my colleagues working file the new rectangle appears, but it has no name. Similarly, if we have an object that already has a name in both working files & I change the name then the name is completely erased (field becomes blank) in my colleagues working file. Any ideas on why this is happening? Its wreaking havoc on our worksheets that depend on object names to populate data. Thanks! Simon
  5. Turns out it's incredibly simple. I was able to add a new field to the Lighting Info Record called "Circuit Name" and gave it a default value (in my case "Circuit Info"). That default value then automatically applies to all lighting devices and when I insert a new device "Circuit Info" is pre-populated as the circuit name. Simon
  6. Seems like an oversight/bug to me. Since I'm able to attach it post-insertion it's clearly possible to associate records with lighting devices so it doesn't really make that there would be no way to associate it with the device pre-insertion like you would with a standard symbol.
  7. This is an existing record format that is also associated with non-lighting device symbols and populated several worksheets so I'm trying to embed that record int he device instead of creating a new field value. I can probably sort out my worksheets to pull data from both formats if I have to, but simply attaching the record to the devices would be the simplest way to do this I think.
  8. Is it possible to change the default circuit number so that when I insert a lighting device it already has a specific value associated with it? Thanks, Simon
  9. I have a lighting device in my resource manager that I would like to attach a record to so that when the device, the record inserts with it. I can attach the record after insertion, but this requires me to attach the record every time I insert a new instance of the symbol. I have tried attaching the record format the same way you would attach it to a symbol but that doesn't seem to work. Thanks! Simon
  10. Thanks Nikolay! In the meantime is there anything I can do or another tool I can use that will automatically refresh at export? It's going to get pretty tedious if I have to edit the tag every time I export a file! Simon
  11. Attached is a sample file. In this one, the data tag is embedded in the "Revised" stamp in the top right corner, not in the title block. Data Tag.vwx
  12. Was already checked in my export settings 😞
  13. I have a couple of stock data tag styles embedded in my title block to show date & time but I just noticed that they don't update to the current date time when I export a sheet layer, they show the date & time that I originally inserted them into the title block. The only way I have found so far to force an update is to edit the tag data. Is there a way to have this happen automatically (like the old data stamp tool used to do)? Simon
  14. In the attached file, the unit rounding style is currently set to decimal, but I want to change that to fractional. However, when I change to fractional my existing dimensions in Viewport 1 freak out & start displaying in strange formats (i.e. 25'-6.25" turns into 2.5520833333333e01 instead of 25'-6 1/4"). Can anyone tell me what's going on & if there is a way to make that change without having to recreate all of the existing dimensions in my file? Thanks! Simon Dimensions.vwx
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