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  1. For me changing the shortcut with the Workspace Editor solved the problem in the best way. Thanks
  2. The shortcut does not work in a new blank document. I just tried your suggested solution, unfortunately it didn't change anything. I had previously changed the shortcut, which was also unsuccessful. I am working with a user workspace, but the command does not work in the preset workspaces either. I also had doubts about my keyboard, but it's not because of that either.
  3. Shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D) duplicate array does not work anymore although the shortcut command is set up. Could there be something I disabled unfortunate?
  4. Thanks Peter, I solved the problem myself by updating my workspace with the new function. That's why I wanted to delete my post, but I only deleted the screenshot ...
  5. I'm drawing a nurbs curve or a 3D polygon in a 3D model but I don't have any options under create animation ... (see screenshot). How can I change this? VWX 2020 architect SP3
  6. Unfortunately no, I did not get an answer to my last post and the problem still persists.
  7. .. Thanks. I have to go to a meeting right now. When I'm back I like to send the file.
  8. Thank you for the compliment. No, I work with VWX-architect.
  9. Yes, the drawing was started with VWX 2019 and then further edited with VWX 2020. Sorry, but what is via "DM"?
  10. After modifying 3D objects or creating a new 3D object, OpenGL rendering is invisible. It needs a program restart to see it again. Vectorworks 2020 SP1 Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 graphic card NVIDIA Quadro P3000, driver 440.97 (current driver) Verctorworks is running with the graphic card
  11. Thank you for your answer. Sorry, I'm talking about a "project" because that's our term for all our jobs. Vectorworks created the destroyed files with a simple vwx file, not a project file. Usually I always draw 3-D models. In this project there are also many 2D geometries to create, which we export as template for cam stations.
  12. Hi, We have encountered a serious problem with one of our single vw project file under VW 2019 SP3. The file got corrupted with the following message: "Unexpected end of file encountered during file read operation. (Failure on attempt to read file)". We then tried to open 10no. of backups which were created by autosaving on that day. Surprisingly none of them could be opened as we got the same error message. That's a catastrophe!! Is there a way to open the file? A quick help would be very helpful.
  13. Hi Selin, changing the default compression to PNG is the solution! You helped me a lot, thank you very much!!! Klaus
  14. Hi, we can not longer render vieports with vwx2019 SP2. The process is normal, the image is created and becomes black at the end. Graphics drivers are up-to-date, even with old drivers tested, is also turns black at the end. In VWX 2018 on the same machine and with the same settings it runs with correctly. Attached 2 screenshots during rendering and a vwx file test render vieport.vwx
  15. Hi Marissa, this is exactly what I am looking for! Many thanks!! Klaus
  16. Hi everybody, can someone tell me if it is possible to show the select-classes fields for the board and the edge banding in the OIP as a dropdown-field so that the class properties are adopted? (See attached file) Klaus Marionett-Board_Edge.vwx
  17. Hi Jim, Yes sorry, I mean a sheet layer. Here are my steps: 1- I select a sheet layer viewport 2- I go to View -> create section viewport 3- I draw the line for the section 4- In the “section viewport dialog” I make my selections (-> screenshot) In the 2016 version the next creation of a section viewport will show the last settings I did in the Advanced Section Properties. In 2017 always appears the default settings. Thanks Klaus
  18. If I create a section Viewport from a viewport in a layout layer in VW2016 and change the settings (Length Range / Depth Range), I have the same settings as the default. In 2017 I have to reset the settings every time again because it always chooses the program default. How can I change this default setting in VW 2017?
  19. Thank you Alan, that's what I was looking for! Klaus
  20. Almost. I am looking for a file format that can be imported directly from VW (LAS, LAZ, PTS, E57, XYZ).
  21. I'd be interested getting hold of a point cloud file to import as a trial. Any ideas from where I could download such a file for playing around with.
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