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  1. I made a model of a fence mounted on a concrete retaining wall. I then used a section viewport to create a detail. But now I need to re-use that detail in another file. Is there some way I can create a symbol with the same view and annotations so I can import it into the new file? Thank you
  2. benboggs, I'm not sure what you mean when you say to use the CAD DTM. These contours came in a dwg file from an architect using archicad, so it's not the survey base file. Although usually I am working from the survey base file.
  3. Thanks! I tried searching but everyone is using different terms, 'bridging' 'truncate', so nothing turned up when I searched. Seems thought that this only happens when you have a concave shape like a valley. Why does this happen only for concave shapes?
  4. I'd like to use the 2D view of the contours in this site model as a grading plan. However the contour at 505' is generated incorrectly when I create the site model. Instead of bulbing out to create a level area (see original contour in grey) it chooses the shortest line between the two points where the bulb-out begins and cuts across. I've tried changing it with proposed pads and contours and it doesn't work. I've also tried creating a pad in the source data to no avail. Has anyone found a way around this issue? Thank you link to image: http://imgur.com/Qj8czzW
  5. This has happened on 2 files to me recently. I drafted a project earlier this week with plant symbols and pdf’d it. It looked great. Today I opened the file for the first time since exporting the pdf and all of the 2D plant symbols that I had drafted are not visible. They don’t appear to be in the design layer. For example when I use the select all command or try to select one individually it's as if they're not there. When I view the sheet layer I see the loci where each plant is though (the loci don't print). I checked that all the plant component classes were turned on. I placed a new plant and used the magic wand to select by object and it found all the missing plants. The mass planting option had been turned on for all of them, and turning that off made the plants selectable/visible again. So I have 2 problems: -Somehow mass planting is getting turned on without my knowledge. -When this happens, the mass planting doesn't show up as a filled mass planting as usual, it shows nothing. After solving this issue and turning the mass planting on again to check if it works, it's working fine and shows the filled mass planting. When I exported a pdf the plants didn't show up on the pdf though. The plant list check box was selected as well, upon turning that off they now show up on the pdf too.
  6. I had a similar problem. Changing the plant scale to 'fixed' from 'random at 15%' seemed to make it stop. Although usually random at 15% doesn't have that affect...
  7. Something funny is happening. For example when I use the line tool it doesn't show me the line until after I have clicked twice to make both ends. This is happening with all tools though, so stairs do not show up until after I have made 2 the clicks. Or bezier lines don't show until I have made at least 2 clicks, then it shows me the entire line up to 2 vertexes ago. Its as if the cursor's visual display of the tool is delayed. Has anyone experienced this before? Thank you.
  8. ericjhberg, thanks for sharing! I'm excited to give that a try...
  9. After testing all of the modes, it only works on straight lines. I need to be able to clip landscape areas with curved lines as the design changes. So I'm doing this redrawing probably 10 times on each project. It's really time consuming.
  10. I'm using the landscape area tool and applying the plant line border. It looks great on a corner vertex mode with the settings I use. However, when using it on a bezier vertex mode the crenulated look I want is gone, instead it looks as if someone scribbled in the edge with jagged lines. See image: corner vertex mode is on left, bezier vertex mode is on right. http://imgur.com/nUywXVU Is there some way to get this look on the bezier vertex mode? I need to produce one sheet with a standard border in bezier mode and one sheet with the plant line edge. So I currently have to redraw all of the landscape areas again with the corner vertex mode. I would love to not have to draw the same thing twice (and come back and edit everything twice, etc.). Thank you. ...I've tried playing with all the settings for the plant line to see if it gets better.
  11. When you are importing the DWG there is a drop down menu that allows you to tell is to convert all 2D & 3D to 2D only. That is what I use, hope that helps..
  12. I've experienced that as well, but intermittently. Usually I'm able to 'grab and drag' the arrow. Other times it seems un-editable.
  13. I have edited a lot of the plants that come with VW2016 to be much more simple shapes, lower opactiy, and less flashy colors. I don't know if that would help, but it does ease the eyes. I wonder if you simplified your symbols into just black linework it may be faster. Sometimes I will use the landscape area tool with the plant line border style so it looks like plant material. Then I'll add a call out that says that area is 25% plant A, 25% plant B, etc. That's pretty vague though, so not recommended if you need precision.
  14. No, I'm referring to the lime green lines that make up the mesh. See how it draws right over the shrub image props in the latest photo I posted with the smoothing angle set to 100?
  15. Thanks Jim, that makes sense. I think the models we created in vw2015 were more or less flat, perhaps thats why I never noticed the lines before. This one has 20' of grade change. Even with the smoothing angle set to 100 degrees there are still lines... image: http://imgur.com/l2y7QbE
  16. Hi, I've been using this set up on my viewports of 3d models and it worked well in VW2015... background render: Final quality renderworks foreground render: Hidden line, with a sketch style applied ..Now in vw2016 the terrain is drawn with many lines instead of the mesh which it's set to. The lines draw through my image props too. Can anyone offer any suggestions to get these rendering options usable again? We developed this style specific to our office and now we aren't able to create the same product that is expected of us. [img:center]http://imgur.com/5YV7m2G[/img]
  17. Hi, we're sharing a file with someone outside the office. The tree symbol that we are using is appearing as 'read-only' when the open it. They do not have Landmark. Is there any way we can make these editable again? Thanks!
  18. I am using 2016 with the new contour mode. Thanks Rossford, your advice was very helpful! I tried using the reshape tool on the contour and when I hover over the vertex point a ghosted image of the curve I made appears in addition to the straight contour that vw is displaying. I just solved the issue, here it is: When you create the contour it asks what you want your 'Simplification tolerance' to be. 0 means it will not simplify the curve at all. I wasn't paying enough attention and was entering the elevation into that first parameter, so it thought I wanted to simplify 310'. Here is the definition from the VW website: "Enter a positive value to redefine the horizontal distance between the closest parts of two neighboring portions of the modifier. A longer distance simplifies the modifier polygon, reducing the number of source points that modify the site model. A shorter distance increases the number of source points that modify the site model. A value of 0 (zero) does not simplify the modifier."
  19. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it's turning all curved contours straight, including those that are created from a shape.
  20. Hi, I'm trying to use the site modifier tool in contour & bezier vertex mode and each time I create a curved contour it immediately turns into a straight contour. It was working fine a moment ago. Can anyone suggest some troubleshooting tips? Thank you.
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