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  1. This issue has been occurring for many of our projects throughout the past year at least now. When we import details from a supplier in DWG form, and import it onto our details on the annotation layer. If the detail has been rotated from its original form, then the next time we click into the annotation layer, the lines seems to rotate and move somewhere else, and we then will have to manually move it back. We have tried ungrouping all the symbols on a separate file, before regrouping and pasting it into the working file, but nothing seems to be solving the issue. This is a real problem, as it really challenging for us to ensure our drawings are accurate prior to issuing them out. Has anyone ever come across this dilemma before? Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. Sigh, I spoke too soon. Even after breaking off the project sharing, and then re configuring project sharing with the new file, I am still getting the same error message. Really unsure what to do now.
  3. Hi JMR, Thanks for the tip, I will do just that. I guess it isn't perfect, but will solve the issue for now. Thanks again!
  4. Hi! I've got a project set up on Vectorworks Project Sharing. Currently I am the only user on the project. When I tried to save and commit my individual file to the main file, I get an error that reads, "The commit operation cannot be performed now because the Project File is in use by another user - You need write access to Project File in order to commit your changes. However, the Project File is temporarily locked by the operation of another user. Your operation should succeed if retried in a few seconds." I have tried to open the main file, then 'close and release' to solve the problem, but the same error message still pops up when I save retry saving and committing my individual file. Can anyone help me work out why this is the case? Thanks for your help in advance!
  5. Hi there, I am trying to work out the best way to accurately model a driveway with falls in multiple directions. The driveway isn't rectangular. I have attached a screenshot to indicate what I mean. What would be the best method to approach modelling this accurately with the correct falls and gradients? Thanks! 20170428161553318.pdf
  6. JYA

    Site Model

    Thanks Jonathan, How much deviation would you recommend to allow? I just performed the function with 0 deviation/distance, but the section update still crashes VW.
  7. JYA

    Site Model

    Hi there, I'm having a problem generating a section containing a site model as well as other layers where the building is modelled. Every time I update the section viewport with the site model layer turned on, Vectorworks will take a long time to load, eventually it will freeze and stop responding. The site model was generated from information provided from a surveyor, the model is large and complex and contains a lot of information. Is there a way simplify the model? I have tried to changing the 3D view of the model to triangulated geometries, and reducing contours so it only shows contours every 2m, rather than 250mm. Is there anything else I can do to simplify the model? Or is there anything else I can do to solve this dilemma? Thank you for your advice in advance! J
  8. Hi Bob, Wow, that visibility tool looks pretty handy. Can definitely see it as a fast way to manage what is wanted and unwanted in a drawing. Thank you for the tip! OK how to explain.. I have my main vectorworks file for the project, lets call it the 'Main File'. When I need a DWG imported to the Main File, I normally open a Blank File, and import the DWG into the Blank File. When the import dialogue comes up, I will give a prefix in front of the class (eg. "Import-"), so that all the imported classes will have a title such as "Import-Window Joinery". Still working in the Blank File, I will do everything I can to explode the groups and symbols. Once I have done that I will then copy and paste it into my Main File. It seems if I paste the lines as it is, there isn't an issue. But if I rotate these lines in the Main File, and then I save and close the Main File, the next time I reopen this file, the imported lines will have moved all over the place. Not sure what is going wrong there, as other people in the office are having the same issues, in different files.
  9. Hi Bob and Art V, Thank you so much for your responses. Yes I am talking about a direct import of a DWG file into a VW file. We do make the effort in importing the DWGs into a blank file, and at the time of import, we add a prefix to the file eg. Import- blah blah. We also make the effort in exploding all the symbols and groups. None of the above seems to solve the issue Are the other ways we can look into cleaning up the lines/text of the imported files?
  10. Hi there, All of the staff in our office is encountering this issue, when we import dwgs from a supplier to the VW file. The dwg file is likely to have been created from a programme other than VW. When we import these DWG into our drawings, rotate it and move it to where we want it, then we are done for the day, we save the file and shut down. The next day when we re open the file, the DWG will have rotated itself back to its original state. This is a real problem for us, because a lot of time is spent having to re do things. We have tried ungrouping the polygons, exploding the symbol, and putting the lines into new classes, to no avail. Has anyone else encountered this? Additional to this issue is the fact that once the polygons have been regrouped, when we double click into edit the group, all of the lines are suddenly locked and we cannot edit anything unless we ungroup it again. Would be interested to hear if anyone else have also experienced this, and have any tricks up their sleeves they can suggest! Thank you for your advice in advance
  11. Hi Mike, Thank you for your comments Yes I have seen that function (see screenshot attached in post above), however our office hasn't seemed to figure out how to make it work properly.. just wondering what we are not doing right for the windows to now show correctly - i.e. dashed in demo (showing the full elements of the window/door rather than just a white box), and filled in in proposed.
  12. Hi BCD, Thank you for the advice A very make shift way solution indeed. But your solution sounds like a good alternative for the time being.. only in the proposed plan, it wouldn't automatically show the extent and location of where the wall is to be repair as a result of the demolished Windoor.
  13. Hello, I have a few questions regarding how to show windows and doors that are to be demolished in our existing and demo floor plans. For demolished windows and doors, our office demonstrates these as demolished by dashing the door and window to be demolished. All the elements of the windows and doors are still visible, only that they are dashed. With Windoors however, we are struggling to make this work. The screenshot is an example of what a window looks like with windoors - a white rectangle. The other screenshot attached shows what I have ticked/unticked in the windoor settings. Does anyone have any experience with this, would love to hear your thoughts!
  14. Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for the tip. Unticking the docking options worked. This will suffice until 17 resolves itself. Thank you again! Janice
  15. Hello, The Vectorworks programs running in our office (all Vectorworks 2016) doesn't seem to be able to open multiple files at once. This is handy because sometimes it is useful to copy and paste objects/text/etc from previous files. Vectorworks 2015 was ok with multiple files opening at one time. Is there a setting I can turn on or off to make Vectorworks 2016 do the same? Thank you for your input in advance
  16. Hello, I too have had an issue with disappearing custom stairs. I don't get any script or error messages. Everything looks fine, until I want to do ANYTHING to the stairs. Anything from moving them, mirroring them, rotating, and also when I make any changes to the stairs. I have already re drawn these stairs, and don't want to resort to redrawing over and over again everytime it happens.... Everytime I redraw the stairs it will allow me to make adjustments, until well, I don't know until what, it just suddenly disappears again. Has anyone encountered the same issue?
  17. Many thanks for your comments. Sorry I should have been more clear, I am using Windoors, it looks like the options are different to more convential window and door tool?
  18. I have read old posts about this before, but just posting to double check if Vectorworks might have updated this. Is there a way to generate automated Window and Door IDs in elevations? I know it works with floor plans. It is just nice to know that if you change the door and window numbers in plan, it'll automatically change all the associated markets in the drawing.
  19. Just an update - The Hard Carriage Return worked! Turns out I wasn't doing it properly before. Thank you for everyone's help
  20. You would think that would be the solution huh. But no many how many times I try, my symbol never remembers my text wraps and it simply reverts back to its original width... :tired:
  21. Thank you so much for the tips Wes and Jim! I have updated my signature to show my computer and program specs (I think) so hopefully it'll show up! Maybe I'm not that young either, as I recognised the term 'pound' For some reason it didn't work. Maybe I am not doing something correctly? I have included some screenshots to demonstrate. I put a hash tag in the end of the record format Then I also 'hard carriage returned' in the title block editor (I had to google this terminology and I assume it means pressing return twice?) I also tried Jim's recommendation of doing this in text editor, then pasting the empty line back into block editor but to no avail... Not sure what I am doing wrong!
  22. Hello, This is a little tricky to explain, hopefully this makes sense! I currently have an automated title block set up. The title block is automated in a way that VW knows to translate the sheet layer as named in the organisation menu into the title block through the use of a simple text box. That all seems to work fine. However, I would like to be fix the dimensions of the text box so the text does not extend beyond my title block, and I am unable to figure out how to do this. Presently the length of the text box depends on how long or short my sentence is, which makes things really frustrating, because sometimes the text runs over my title block lines when the name is too long. Would ideally like to attach a screenshot here but not really certain how to do that either! Total noob haha. Just wondering if anyone has encountered something similar, some advice would be much appreciated! Janice
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