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  1. Hello Does anyone know of a way to create a multi panel slider with a niche on one side where the panels park out of view? I can create a 20' 6 panel sliding door but I would like to show the frame is actually 24' with part of it hidden in a wall niche. Similar to a pocket door. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  2. Hi I have curtain wall that has black frames so I want the model to reflect this. However when I assign the frame colour to the curtain wall it will show the frame in plan view as black as well which makes the plan look illegible. Is there a way to assign it so the plan view is white but the frames show in 3d as black? Thank you
  3. Hello all IS there a way to adjust the wall components so I can manipulate where they stop and start in plan view? Similar similar to the top and bottom offset tool. For example I would like to add a plumbing chase to a stud wall and would like to stop the gwb so I can join in my framing of the plumbing wall to the framing of the stud wall. Thank you!
  4. Yes seems like a pretty basic thing, distribute equally between point A and point B
  5. Hello All Is there a way to set the curtain wall parameters to space the vertical grid equally between two points? So if I have a 16'-6" opening and I want 5 panels it will automatically space them correctly? Thank you Matt
  6. Thanks Wes yes that seems to be the easiest route to take at this point.
  7. Thanks Pete and Hans, I checked to see if there was another superimposed wall but there isn't. Also yes the file was originally created in 2021 so I tried the zero move but that unfortunately didn't work. Good tips, thanks!
  8. Hi Wes Do you mean a Vectorworks file? Thanks for looking at this Matt
  9. Hi I have a file with some window issues, There are several windows that appear in plan but when switching to 3d and using the shaded render they disappear It's as if they are not inserted in the wall properly. However I cannot move them to pull them off the wall, its as if they are frozen. I have turned on all the classes thinking that this might be a class issue but it has no impact. There are other windows in the file are visible and functioning the way they are supposed to and in the same wall type as the windows that are disappearing. When I try to insert a new window in the wall that is causing me issues, all of the previous windows disappear. Does anyone have any idea? Thank you
  10. Thanks Shorter, it was the wall peaks for some reason.
  11. Found the solution to this. There was a wayward object way off in space from the origin, once deleted the model and renderings all returned to normal.
  12. Hello I have a file that has started to glitch when moving around in 3d. Suddenly components and objects are disappearing and reappearing as you move around. I am assuming this is graphics related? This is happening on an M1 Mac mini as well as a MacBook Pro and its Vectorworks 2022. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  13. Hello All This is driving me a bit crazy. I have drawn my walls all at 9'0" high, this is what is set in the Object Info settings. But the walls all measure at 8'-0" high The wall height is set to the layer elevation and is not storey bound. There are no components of the wall set with top or bottom offsets. Somewhere there is a setting that is keeping the wall at 8' but I cannot find it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you, Matt
  14. Thank you Wes, at least I can stop looking for a solution...
  15. Hello All Is there a way to specify the lintel size when using the wall framer? I can set the lintel size with the window settings but this doesn't seem to communicate with the wall framer? In the image attached the front bifold door has a lintel associated with it ( white) when using the framing tool it generated another lintel set above this ( red). Any help would be appreciated Thank you!
  16. HI we just upgraded to 2022 and have opened an existing file. When we go to the flyover tool to move into 3D only the current layer moves into 3D with the other layers staying as 2d. Normally I would use the Align layer view tool to view the entire project in 3D, but this tool seems to be missing from 2022? And the Unified View and Unified View Option tools are greyed out and not accessible? Anyone have any ideas? Thank you! Matt Ryan
  17. Good morning, I seem to be having this problem accessing resource libraries on one of my stations. I get the attached error message. I am working on a M1 Mac mini. Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? Thank you!
  18. Follow up question, I want to tag my curtain walls with incremental numbers, so CW1, CW2 etc. I see where I can define the tag field but so far I can only get the tag to read CW11 CW12. Its as if the CW1 is the designation of the curtain wall type and I've just added an incremental value to it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  19. Hello all I am just getting started on using the Data Tag tool. Is it possible to have the data tag that I apply to an object in plan view appear as well in elevation or section automatically? Thank you!
  20. We are a small architectural firm located in Parry Sound, Ontario that have a variety of residential and commercial projects. We are in need of a someone to help produce construction documents and permit sets. You must be proficient in Vectorworks 2020, with great modelling skills and detailing. Send me a message with your email address and contact info. Thank you!
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