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  1. KT: Lines are often used to indicated curved surfaces in elevation. It's a graphics / rendering technique.
  2. Have you fiddled with the 3D conversion resolution? (VW preferences, 3D tab)
  3. I have to disagree on a couple of points. More settings were not retained in 8.5.2. 9.5's export -- for us -- is much easier. It is no longer necessary to explode things, plus multiple scales export better.
  4. Good, BUT Have you talked to draftspersons about it? What do THEY think?
  5. That's a good point, but in the case of McOS, it's pushing things to keep up with every bloody iteration of the OS. Technically, NNA's supported X. And X.1. And X.1.5. 3 OS's right there, with code rewrites for each.
  6. You've just found out what I originally stated. What I want to know is why it's done that way.
  7. Edit your workspace, remove the join, and bring in the new join from the list.
  8. How are the various points along the PIO's path identified? The Vectorscript manual explains rectangular and linear PIO's well, but glances over path type PIO's.
  9. Yes, I was referring to the bug. As has been posted elsewhere, it happens with other commands with neither rhyme nor reason. Purge, though, is the most 'reliable'.
  10. If you offset an object that is in an inactive layer, the newly created object assumes the current, active layer.However, if you duplicate the first object, the copy remains in that same, inactive layer. Is this inconsistency by design, or did it just happen that way? I don't care which way it goes, but it would help quite a bit if I knew whether or not I need to adjust a new object's layer, without having to think of whether I had duplicated it or offset it.
  11. Copy and paste to the new document. This is 98% likely to cure your drawing. For a while only, if it's corrupted.
  12. Dude. Don't trust cross-platform compatibility. You can get the contents, but if you need to work on them, copy and paste into a new document. I've seen a couple of wacky things from a Win file opened on a Mac; I'm not surprised that Mcfiles are giving you a headache.
  13. ...so what about the current VW redraw glitches that have been a trademark from OS8.5 to X.1.5, VW8.5.2 to 9.5.2? Are those Apple video service problems, or implementation problems? I have no trouble being patient with NNA, since I believe there are maybe a dozen people at most developing the product -- one which is inherently more complex than a real drafting program. Apple, on the other hand, has a large resource base, yet puts out she-height half-a$$ed patches every few days, exacerbated by the fact that they're obviously changing their libraries. MSFC's, in contrast, stay the same for years. They may not work, but the error will be the same. Imagine trying to avoid potholes that don't stay put. How can applications expect to function when fundamental operations are changed regularly?
  14. Faster than a Force Quit under OSX, just do a cmd-S, then Purge. POOF!!! Honestly, it IS faster than cmd-Q.
  15. Alexandre: How is your script different from clicking on Create Plug-in, then clicking Done? I believe that also regenerates all PIO's.
  16. From an long-time NT user (I'm on Macs at the office), be careful. Mac's don't take tinkering very well. Unlike Windows, they weren't designed to be... adjusted.
  17. Joe: yes. You get the object as drawn last, but if you don't have the _same_ plug-in (and same version), or the plug-in at all, you can't edit it.
  18. I was asking Matt if when only the class and layer names disappeared, was solved. Also, arc creation fields appearing while drawing rectangles or using the tape measure.
  19. Didja know that PIO code is not run at load-up? Objects are not re-executed at that time; they are just drawn as the elements which comprise the object.
  20. Does that include blank class and layer names?
  21. Please spend 5x as much time testing your translator. PLEASE!
  22. inserting exactly how? Double-clicking on the browser, or using the insertion tool?
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