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  1. Heya Team, We are working with a venue that demands we send them all of our plans before we can work in their building. They only run AutoCAD and they are saying they have real trouble importing our DWG exports due to the fact that we draw with incredible detail. We will often have 500+Mb drawings that we are exporting and they really only require 2D information to tick their box. Is there a simpler way to do this? Are there export settings I should tweak, or any way of exporting 2D information only? We are really at a loss, we shouldn't sacrifice our quality for just one venue, but we need to be able to help them out. Thanks so much!
  2. Heya Team, We are trying to export a DWG file from our drawing and we are getting a significantly undersized file as well at a great deal of .pat files along with it. This is relatively new, we were previously getting a single .dwg file and we have not changed settings. Can anyone help me?
  3. Is there any way to change the pen colour on a mesh without editing it and losing the texture mapping? I have a drawing with a tan coloured mesh and a black texture, Id like it in black pen but if I double click the mesh I lose the custom map. anyone done this?
  4. @Jonathan Pickup it was totally that the viewport I was trying it on was a front view rather than top/plan, as soon as I tried it on top.plan, there is was. Thanks so much for your help!
  5. Thank you @Matt Panzer of course it is a simple answer and I clearly was having a blonde moment. I really appreciate it!
  6. Yup, that's what I thought. How could I even remove that?
  7. Ah, the source of the symbols is me. I took the data records from the existing projectors in projector models. I will have a look at a fresh install and re-import them. Thanks so much!
  8. Heya Team, Tell me if I'm having a blonde moment, shouldn't I be able to change stack order in a viewports layer settings by dragging up and down in a column to the right of the layer colours? Whered it go?
  9. Good Morning Mr. Dunning, I don't appear to have a weight field in my VS-ModData. Am I missing something?
  10. Howdy Team, I am looking at the video screen tool and have realised that the weight field is populated globally by the plug-in parameters, meaning that all projectors will display at the weight set in the plug-in manager fields ProjWeightLB and ProjWeightKG within the video screen tool. Is there a way to set the weight to vary based on the projector model selected? Secondly, when using multiple projectors (Stacked or side-by-side) the weight of the projector shown in the "include in calculations" field is not doubled, should that not be updating? Thank you so much for your time!
  11. Hey Team, I have recently changed the location of my favourite files and I removed them and re-added them, they now all have the suffix (1) after each file name. I have removed and added them again, can anyone tell me why this might be?
  12. I'd be very surprised if this isn't already on the wishlist. Its been a problem for years and I'm sure I've posted about this in several areas. Thanks again @Mickey for adding this to the list.
  13. Howdy @kieranhotchkiss, Happy to help. When you drag in a piece of truss to a new drawing, it automatically adds 4 new classes. They are all, by default, viewable, but you can turn off the ones you're not using. Rigging - Truss - Insert Points (this is the loci, viewable in 2D and 3D) Rigging - Truss - Label (This is the text identifying the type and length, viewable only from the 2D portion of the symbol) Rigging - Truss - Simplified (This is a simple version of the truss to help reduce the strain on your system that complex truss can make. In 2D it is a rectangle the size of the truss, in 3D it is a long white extrude that takes the place of the truss) Rigging - Truss - Truss (This is the complex version, in 2D it show the ladders and chords of the truss in a bit more detail, in 3D it is the full 3D geometry of the truss piece) The way these are presumably utilized is that you will either have simplified turned on and truss turned off, or vice versa, depending on what you are doing. If you have a complex drawing and you have completed all necessary truss elements, then turning simplified on and truss off will help you navigate more quickly. Just like @scottmoore said, try dragging one piece into a blank drawing and toggling on and off the classes to see what they do. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.
  14. Heya @Bhel, Sure thing! 1. So create a layer all by itself and place your 6 sticks of 20ft truss the way you would like it. 2. Grab the truss and create a viewport, but rather than putting it on a sheet layer, select a design layer, or create a new one called angled truss or something. 3. Select that view port and hit the layers button, make sure the only visible layer is the first one you created. 4. Turn off the original truss layer you created. 5. select the viewport you have now on angled truss layer, go to a side view and rotate the truss the way you want it. If you want to edit the truss in any way you need to go back to the first layer, otherwise it can be turned off and you'll only deal with the viewport for the rest of the time. I hope this helps, let me know if you need any more help making this happen.
  15. You are a legend good sir, I shall fire you over a file shortly.
  16. That's Great, I have found the file in user folders and it moves across just fine now thank you. New problem. In trying to create new speaker boxes, L'acoustics - Kara specifically, when I fill in all of the parameters, horizontal dispersion at 110° and weight at 26kg I save the speaker type and overwrite the old file, exit and return to the speaker array tool it has changed the dispersion back to 90° and the weight back to 90kg every time. do I need to be in administrator mode or change the saving method in some way?
  17. I have located the .xml file located in the location specified in the manual (attached) and copied that and shared it with a colleague. They have replaced the file in the same location on their machine and they do not see the speakers I have created within the audio array tool. Am I missing a step?
  18. Howdy Team, I am trying to create a new option in the Video Screen tool under aspect. We have a proprietary screen system that isn't quite 16:9 or 16:10 and Id like to create a new aspect selection in the drop down. I can create my new aspect option in the aspect drop down, but I cant then link that to a new set of stock sizes. Can anyone tell me if I need to insert a new line in the tools parameters that will correspond to the sizes selectable with the new aspect ratio? is it just a naming convention and does it matter about the order it falls within the tools perameters? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hey Jesse, I have arrived at the "correct" way to achieve this through the help of the forum. Building a truss flat and then creating a DLVP which I can then rake to 45° is the best way to go about it. What I was trying to do was to rake a piece of truss first, then convert it to a hanging position and expecting lights would snap to it and move along with the truss as if it was flat. Thanks so much, I ope this helps someone else out there with the same problem. Note: when using a DLVP to rake a hanging position, make sure no other layers are enabled in the viewport or it wont rotate.
  20. Heya Team, Problem solved thanks to Mr Dunning. The issue I was having is simply fixed by making sure that the viewport doesn't have any layers turned on other than that of the original model. Having empty layers turned on in the DLVP stops it from being rotated. Once I blocked everything except for the original models layer I was free to rotate the DLVP all I wanted. Thanks everyone for your input!
  21. Fantastic, thank you so much for such a comprehensive answer. I wasn't really trying to build this, but it was certainly odd to see. We are compiling our truss library at the moment and I was just demonstrating how things can quickly attach using the truss insertion tool. Thanks again for the reply, I really appreciate it.
  22. Heya Team, I'm trying to create a library file for all of our speakers and line array elements that can be shared between multiple users. Can anyone point me in the location of the library file created after saving individual speaker settings please? The knowledge base article says it is in Vectorworks20xx/libraries but alas I cant see it in an audio tools folder at all. here http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/VW2018_Guide/EventDesign2/Inserting_Speakers_and_Speaker_Arrays.htm Secondly, I can create names and models with specifications for line array elements, but within the settings of the speaker tool all naming conventions are greyed out, has anyone seen a decent tutorial on building and sharing these libraries? I'm stumped. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hey Team, Has this changed in 2019? I have 2 of Mr Dunning's demo files on this and the rotation of the DLVP works perfectly. If I create a blank drawing with truss and lights, then create my DLVP and try to rake that viewport I get the Hybrid warning and it wont let me rotate it. Ive tried copying his symbols, his truss, everything and I cant get around the hybrid issue. Any help? Actually turns out that others in the company with the exact same symbols can rotate their DLVPs, it must be some local setting I have on my machine. I cant even imagine what it might be.
  24. Hello Again Team, Todays little adventure is inserting truss using the truss insertion tool, turning on "draw 3D only", raking the truss to 45° and converting it to a hanging position..... Doesn't work. Is there anyone out there who has done this another way? Thanks in advance folks!
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