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  1. Apologies. I see it doesn't overwrite but creates a new folder with the files in the first folder. Is there no way to overwrite the current file? In Unreal it will keep making new folders, because a new file is being imported.
  2. Hi, I installed version 2022 of Vectorworks and when overwriting a Datasmith file Vectorworks crashes. When I reopen Vectorworks and overwrite the Datasmith file it works. Anybody else experiencing the same issue? Cheers,
  3. Hi Andrew and Scott, Thanks for the quick replies guys! Ah, nice one. That was exactly the one I was refering too! Awesome stuff. Real eye opener in using the saved views too. Thnx Andrew! Scott, I presume you mean Design layher Viewport with DLVP? Regarding the last part of your post, would it be possible to animate the movement this way? Thnx! Cheers, Ridder
  4. Hi, I've been using Vectorworks for a over a year now and the new truss tool that came out in 2018 is a great inprovement on the workflow! The only struggle I find myself in is the following. When you setup for example a triangulair truss shape with the new truss tool you can set the angle when placing the truss. When you wanna change that angle later on in the design proces you can't change the angle anymore since the option is not available in the Object info pallete. It's available with the 'straight truss tool". On the other hand you have the well known hybrid object error. I came acroos this tutorial on service select: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/13-entertainment-and-previsualization/&do=add in which this Light designer used an interesting work around with viewports on a design layher. Is this the only way into rotating a truss rig on the x and y axes? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ridder
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