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  1. No, the Vectorworks window was definitely active. All the other keyboard and mouse commands (or at least the ones I regularly use) worked perfectly, just not the spacebar pan.
  2. This morning I think I just had Safari (10.0.1) and maybe Acrobat Pro DC (2015.020.20042). Yesterday I think I also had Photoshop CC (2017.0) and Illustrator CC (2017) open. I just now re-opened all of those, and the spacebar+mouse works just fine. I don't even have Office on my machine.
  3. Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1, Vectorworks 2017 SP2 (Build 338823)
  4. I have also been having this problem, starting only a couple of days ago. Rebooting as per JimW works, but is there a bug fix in the works?