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  1. Just wondering if anyone found a solution to this issue? I've started to experience the same thing: VW2018 gets stuck on launch and eventually needs to be force quit because it has stopped responding. I haven't changed or updated anything about my computer's OS in a while, and I was successfully using the program until yesterday. I have even tried restarting my computer. I'm now about 3 hours into my work day and VW will not open at all. I did have this same issue shortly after installing the program for the first time (maybe 4 months ago), but after I restarted my computer it started working again without any hiccups...until now. Thanks for any tips or advice.
  2. Has anyone else experience issues with the temporary activation of the pan tool by pressing the spacebar? I use this shortcut all the time, but it's recently stopped working correctly for me. At present when I try to temporarily activate the pan tool with the spacebar it flickers on briefly and then switches back to whichever tool I originally had selected. I haven't done any software upgrades in the last couple months, and the spacebar/pan tool was working just fine a few days ago. When I activate the pan tool with (H) or by selecting it from the tools palette, it works. I'm working on an iMac with OS 10.11.5 (with 16GB of RAM). I'm using VW2016 SP4. (And I just did a check for updates, and my version is currently up to date.) Thank you for any advice you may be able to offer!
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