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  1. A feature that is critical for productivity is adding live updating of text as your resize the text or note block. I shouldn't have to resize the text block to see how the text repaginates. The text show repaginate live as I reside the text or note block.
  2. Vectorworks is missing some basic word processing functions, including multi-column layout where the text can flow from one column to another. This function would be most helpful when creating basic specs on a sheet to include in a set or residential construction documents that don't require an entire spec booklet.
  3. For a residential closet I inserted a door and changed the doors to a bi-pass. The issue is though that in plan view the doors show mostly open and I would like them to appear closed. I didn?t find any settings to change the look of these doors. Can they be changed?
  4. When drawings walls in Vectorworks, all the components that make up the wall, gyp. board, plywood, stucco, show. How do I get it so that when I print, all I see are two lines with the center poche? similar to old school drafting?
  5. Found them! They are located in the Equip-Residential Appliances.
  6. I?m looking to place a washer and dryer onto my plans, but cannot find them in the Tool Sets or Resource Browser. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Neal
  7. How do I find the Smart Points that you reference? I can?t find it in the Menus or the Preferences. Neal
  8. Jonathan, Something like that, yes. How do you do that in Vectorworks?
  9. I?m not sure I understand ?point-based PIO.?
  10. Does Vectorworks have an equivalent to AutoCAD?s Construction lines? In AutoCAD Construction Lines are lines that extend to infinity in one or both directions and can be set either vertically or horizontally.
  11. How does everyone show design options using Vectorworks? Please refer to my article on BIM & Production Housing for more details. http://naparchitect.com/blog/2013/7/12/bim-production-housing Thanks! Neal P
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