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  1. Hey, I recently made a small plugin object trough the plug-in editor(Tools=>scripts=>vw plugin editor). Its ment to be a heat device drawn as a rectangle and some info in it. I've added it to my post, use it as a plug in object or look at the code of it to give you a heads up..
  2. In best case, GetName(h) was able to return "none" which indicates the plugin object has no name. The same result with custom and standard plugin objects while they do have a "name" or lets say a "title" in the object info palette. Its that value I need in order to select the object. Anyone ?
  3. I know I can retrieve the type with GetType(h); and change the selection code to retrieve all " lines " etc. But I still can't get the objects
  4. Hello, I've made a script to select ALL symbols in a layer, where atleast one of them is allready selected. I'd like to extend it for other objects(plugin, line, text etc) but I fail at getting the names of the selected objects. I know i'll have to change the selection part, but I just need to find a way to get the selected objects info PROCEDURE SelectObjects; VAR OCount,i,j: INTEGER; r, g, b :LONGINT; OName,OName2,OName3,strinkie,test,selectie :STRING; ONames : DYNARRAY[] of STRING; FUNCTION SelectThem(h :HANDLE) :BOOLEAN; BEGIN OName := GetSymName(h); IF OName ='' THEN BEGIN OName := GetName(h); {can't get the object name ?} END; ONames:=OName; i:=i+1; END; BEGIN selectie:='Geselecteerde symbolen: '; OCount:=NumSelectedObjects; IF OCount<2 THEN OCount:=2; i:=1; ALLOCATE ONames [1..OCount]; ForEachObjectInLayer(SelectThem, 2, 0, 0); SortArray(ONames,OCount,1); DSelectAll; FOR j:=1 TO OCount DO BEGIN IF OName2<>ONames[j] THEN BEGIN strinkie:=concat(ONames[j]); OName2:=strinkie; SelectObj((S=strinkie)); selectie:=concat(selectie,strinkie,', '); END; END; AlrtDialog(selectie); END; RUN(SelectObjects);
  5. It seems like I was combining the both. I can indeed just retrieve it that easily, thanks for helping out though
  6. Hey, I've been making my own objects and would like to have a custom list of choice in the object shape tab. This can be made by setting the parameter to "pop up" but I fail at getting the data from that popup into my vectorscript? Can anyone point me into the right direction ? I've noticed its not possible by doing variable :=PFIELDNAME;...
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