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  1. I am able to Extract-planar-objects and apply a hatch, can't get the result to show up in the updated Elevation Viewport with the hatch Class shown. The video "Extract-planar-objects" indicates PLine (Hatch) should appear on Layer plan, but only the 3d Plane or screen plane is available for me. The documentation seems to indicate that it will show in 3D views. Is it just me or is there any way that it can be shown in the viewport?
  2. Can one Export a CAD-File of Section Viewport on a Sheet Layer as a DWG or What about a Section Viewport on a Design Layer
  3. Thanks Tamsin, you know I always forget to look up there for other options...
  4. I could reshape either the length or width of a rectangle, by pulling or pushing on the centre handle of the 4 sides, and now I cant even find the reshape handles even on a line...and "eight reshape handles" option is selected. I didn't knowingly turn anythin off. What gives. Is it just me and my machine or is this normal?
  5. That works...especially after closing one of the PLines that was causing the error Ctrl +A Ctrl + Alt + A Problem Solved Thanks a whole heap Benson
  6. Here's an other one for you all. I would like to revolve a square profile around a center, but with the profile itself twisting 360? around itself while it's revolving...do you know what I mean? I tried duplicate array of the profile with rotation and then perform a loft, selecting the same rotated corner around the array, but I was not able to click to the starting/ending profile dupe to complete the twist as a closed solid. So I got a lofted twisted profile with a gap between the 2nd last and first/last one... Can this sort of thing be done here? TurboCAD could "Revolve with Twist" no problem...
  7. Craig, CameraMatch 2011 is still available and compatible with both VW 2011 and 2012. Unfortunately, there is no trial period for that version. OK Matt, I will contact you (Monday) for pricing
  8. Scripting may be a possibility, though i have only tried object creation scripts, but it couldn't be too hard to figure out; along the lines of: for each member of selection do ConvertToNURBS CreateSurfacefromCurvesNetwork end SelectAll TrimNurbsSurface of course all in the proper VS/Pascal syntax...
  9. I am trying to get my head around VW Title blocks I studied the help file and was able to create the Records/Fields with the "P_" and "S_" prefix and the "_SN" suffix for the sheet number, and the "_SD" suffix for the sheet title effectively. I have not got into the revisions and issues yet 1) He there any more auto-updating field suffixes that one can use, particularly one for drawing ...etc? 2) Is there a separate Project information data area where one can enter the project specific data, and then use autofields to link that info into the title block records?.. And I did not see anything like that in the Managing Project Information Error/Revision Management area. Thanks again
  10. Sure Matt, Here was the preliminary render. A ghosted version appeared at the beginning of this post. I am waiting on approval to go onsite myself to take better pics myself, as what I had to work with was 640x480. But this is what I was able to achieve manually matching to what was provided Thanks for taking an interest.
  11. Thanks Matt, I a still using VW Designer 2011 for the forseable future, so do you have a backward compatible version for that version? It definately seems like a plug-in worth having..
  12. Greetings again I have a network of closed 3dpolys that they themselves enclose a space much like a faceted sphere or polyhedron. What would be the best way to convert them into a solid I could convert them all to a Mesh at once, but not a solid from the mesh... I converted them all to nurbs then ungrouped them and re selected them all and could not create a surface from all of them. I was able to individually convert each Nurbs Curve to a surface...and from there stitch and trim Surface to get a Solid after Undolng, I was also able to Ddd Solids to get a Solids Addition So I was able to convert all 3d Polys to Nurbs at once, all to a Mesh at once, and all surfaces to a solid at once, but not all Nurbs to either one surface or one solid at once... Is this just me, or is this normal operations? Is there a better way? Thanks
  13. That does look interesting, and may be something to look into sometime in the future...but for now I need to do it this way. I marked stake positions on tracing paper, and cut out a hole in the sheet aligned to them and taped it to the moditor to line up the camera perspective to the BG image for a subsequent rendering of another out building on this project. anybody else do this sort of thing?
  14. What is the best way to orient the camera viewpoint of the building model onto the background? I noticed that when I go into Edit Camera that the background image disappears so I had to guess the first couple time where the stakes for the building location were. I then used two fingers on the screen to orient the view, eventually ghosting the walls so I could see the stake placement in the rendered view behind the building. It took over an hour of going back and forth , but I was able to do it eventually. Am I missing something, or is there a more effecient way of doing it? It's too bad one can't see the BG in Edit Camera mode. Here's what I was able to achieve...
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