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  1. Haha I like this discussion already; 'is it or is not about 2015', and I think Nemetschek Vectorworks as well. Is probably what they want.
  2. Thats maybe the best news about vectoworks 2015, even if its not about vectorworks 2015
  3. Thanks for the info jim! That sounds great! Now that is done is there more 'space' for the refinement of exsisting tools and faster development of new tools?
  4. https://m.facebook.com/VectorworksBenelux.NL/photos/pb.194295643937615.-2207520000.1408641487./798880593479114/?type=1&source=54&refid=17 On the facebook of the dutch distributor... Something with so called 'vliesgevels'
  5. Benson: Yes they change at the sides of the pannels, the intersections and between the different images. I wanna make it with a image or another kind of input. I'm doing some research with this and want to generate results fast so i can do a lot of experimenting. If i have to draw everything by 'hand' i would be a veryyyyy long proces. If i use images in grashopper i can easily change the image in photoshop and create a different/beter result. In this way its easy too tweak it as well. At the moment im busy with desiging a table. For the moment thats all im going to say about it ;-)When there is something in real life i surley will show it. Haha the best projects, yeah right. Im just trying to learn a lot to eventually get the best projects ;-) Kevin: Thanks for the tut`s. Will take a look at them! Thanks for al the response and help so far, i really appreciate that!
  6. Thanks for al the tips. The hard part is the difference in size between the several triangles. I tried it in c4d with mograph. It wasnt possible like with surface array command. Trying to use rhino now, you can use grasshopper for this kind of things. Also saw armadillo plugin, its the surface array plugin on steriods, jim...
  7. The subject says it all. How do you create something like this, and then i mean the perforate walls. Is there a algometric way to create this kind of things?
  8. But jim thanks for al the insight into several proces in the company! Creates a lot of understanding even if i sometimes dont understand why there seems to be no 'big picture'
  9. But why this one failed? I just used the contour command to create 10 contours. Just 1 of them failed to extrude/shell/etc. I didnt trim the surface...
  10. Replace with symbol is a great command. It can be more useful if it takes the rotation of the object that will be replaced in consideration (in 2d space > screen plane, and 3d space).
  11. It would be great if the create contour tool has the same functions as move by point tool like: - distribute mode. Select the length of object and say how much contours are needed - move mode. create contours at a specified distance
  12. Shell tools doesn't work as well :-$
  13. Hi Why cant I extrude (push pull / tapered extrude / normal extrude) this nurbs surface? Want to create ribs for a furniture piece Steps i followed: 1 Created the model 2 create contours with the contours tool 3 offset the nurbs curve inside with 20mm 4 made from the outer nurbs curve a nurbs surface 5 trimmed the inner curve from the nurbs surface 6 try to extrude, failed. Step 6 went well for several other ribs I tried to create, but not with this one. Somebody knows why? Other thing that often happens, but I cant replicate at the moment: 1 Create contours from a solid or nurbs surface. 2 Offset the nurbs curve to a specific site with something like 10mm. 3 9 of the 10 curves do that too the right side, but 1 or 2 do it to the wrong side (not to the inside but to the outside)? Why? Its not because of the curve direction, I checked that.
  14. You have to edit your criteria of the database header and put a criteria in with: class / is not / .... (choice the class you don't want to count) Or: class / is / ... (choice the class you want to count)
  15. What i like about multiple extrude is that you can use 2d object like arc`s, rectangles, circles etc. and edit these in the editing history, they dont change to nurbs curves. In loft nurbs you have too redraw the 2d geometrie and then convert it to nurbs curves. You loose some intu?tieve editing possibilties by this. What i would like the most is no difference between nurbs curves and 2d rectangles/circels/etc. If vectorworks 'under the hood' changes everything to nurbes i don`t care (because of export issues etc.), but i want to have the most control over the 2d objects even after the creation of a loft or extrude along path or ... And yes you can put the source curves in another layer or class, but vectorworks has for this a better solution that is already there: the editing history. As a desinger you never have to worry about this command and you never accidentally turn on the wrong layer or class in your renders (little frustration on my part :crazy:). So lets merge these 2 commands in 1 excellent command. :-)
  16. It would be great to have a tool that combines these two. In multiple extrude its handy that you have the editing history with the different sections, but you cant say on wich height you want to have the different sections. This is possible in loft nurbs, but you dont have the editing history. Lets combine!
  17. Hi Jim, That sounds great! Please keep the editing history available in these new features so it doesn't become a general solid. One of the things in Vectorworks i really like is that you can go back in al the history and it makes it easy to fine-tune it. Do you know why i cant work properly in 3d with this file? Is my graphics card to old?
  18. Why cant surface array not have the same intuitive way of creating as tiles?
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