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  1. I can get my hands on a relatively cheap 27 inch mid 2011 Imac with a AMD HD6970M 1024 mb GPU.

    Any idea which gpu score this one would give? I can only find test with older cinebench versions :(



    Owh wait found this:




    A score of 70 so it would more than twice as fast as my current gtx 555m 3gb

    But those the difference in gb make allot of difference?

  2. I'm looking into a new desktop an would love some advise.

    My current laptop went black twice this week, but restarted just fine.

    But after 4 à 5 years it is probably time to look for something new.


    Found this Dell that seems to have so nice specs and not the hassle of a self build pc.




    Ryzen 1700x


    Ssd hardrive

    Nvidia 1060 6gb


    Its around 1100 euro inc vat


    A concern is the video card, will this one be sufficient for the coming years?

    I do allot of rendering so the AMD will be a great processor I think.


    Any suggestions or concerns about this pc? Any thoughts @JimW



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