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  1. Jim, When are the changes coming? We are experiencing this issue on a daily basis. As you can imagine it is slowing down productivity.
  2. Thanks for the responses. We will try to create the logo directly in VW.
  3. Hey there, We keep running into the following situation: Our office standard "drawing border / titleblock" includes a jpeg of the companies logo. When we export the Vectorworks file to dwg format (for consultants to use) the jpeg is not included in the exported dwg file. This is not new to VW2014, we have been experiencing this for several years. Until now we have simply sent the jpeg file to the consultants to insert into their cad program. Recently (no surprise) the consultants are getting lazy and the final drawings do not include our logo. How can we prevent the jpeg from being omitted during export to dwg? Has anybody else experienced this or have a solution?
  4. Hey there, We are currently starting a new project with the intent to share IFC files with our consultants that are using Revit & AutoCad. We are running VW 2012, we exported to the with the default settings and the resultant IFC was sent to the engineer. Unfortunately the engineer reported to us that while importing the IFC Revit kicked back several hundred errors about the "doors not cutting anything". Does anyone have any suggestions?
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