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  1. It did end up being a "user error." He accidentally deleted his VW Backup folder and he was getting the error during the auto backups. Thanks for the help.
  2. Someone in my office is getting the same pop-up error. We have multiple people on the same computer and Vectorworks edition and he is the only one getting the error. We are using the new project and user file workflow. We do save all our files to the server. Does anyone know why we are getting the error or how to stop it?
  3. Can you post the Vectorworks file in an earlier version? I was not able to open the file.
  4. We ended up just starting a new workspace from a 2012 default. Since we had a couple of other issues like what you said. The one I remember being the space tool. The deleting and re-adding to the tool in the workspace editor seems to fix those errors, but we did not want to take a chance we were missing other subtle changes.
  5. Ok I think we figured out a solution. You need to go to your workspace editor, tools tab. On the right side under Palettes delete the door command under the Tool Sets, Building Shell. Then, from the left side under the Tools, Building Shell drag the Door command back to the right side in the same place you originally deleted it. I think you have to do this for a few commands in 2012. I know we had to do that for the space planning tool also. Hope that helped.
  6. I have layers, classes and symbols with the word Door in it, but nothing named just "Door".
  7. I am also having this problem. It does not work in a blank file or the current file. All my classes are turned on. At this point the only way I can create a door is to copy a door I made before we upgraded to 2012 and change the settings.


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