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  1. I used appropriate tool button in the Furn/Fixture tool set provided by Vectorworks.
  2. Is there someway I can generate a cabinet schedule? I found I can do a report for wall, base, and tall cabinets but can't figure out how to get my symbols to reflect that report so I can't fill in the data.
  3. Hey Pufferfish! Have you been able to install 12/5 upgrade yet? I am having same problems on Mac.
  4. I guess what I meant in my last post was that I have modified the window ID shape and color. I put it in the class for window spec. I don't see my reply to you so I will also repeat that I am using the US version.
  5. Hi Katie, Since I haven't heard back from you, (I was not sure if you received the other replies) so am rewriting what I wrote in the other replies. What I get when I select the windows is"Custom Object in Wall" at the top of the Object Info Palatte. I used the window tool in the Tool Sets from the Building Shell set
  6. I used the window tool in the Tool Sets from the Building Shell set
  7. Hi Katie, Thanks for replying so quickly. What I get when I select the windows is"Custom Object in Wall" at the top of the Object Info Palatte
  8. I am having problems editting the windows on my drawing. I click on the window and none of buttons below the"Flip" and "Position" buttoms appear anymore. I am trying to generate a window schedule and am not getting any of the windows listed.
  9. I just tried adding another stair way to my drawing and input the above dimensions and it came out correctly. I sent my file to the tech e-mail address. But at least I correctly drawn stair. If you figure out how I corrupted the stair, let me know. Thanks for your time and help. Sorry about the double reply above.
  10. Sure. What's your e-mail address?
  11. Sure. What's your e-mail address?
  12. I actually started with trying to use 7 1/4 " now as I remember but it measured 6 7/8" so I was trying to trick it to make my rises the correct measurement. 7 1/4" does mulitply into 16 risers, as you mention, but it is not drawing it that way. Any suggestions?
  13. I am trying to draw stairs in the" REven Double" configuration and want the rise to be 7 1/2" h. but the tool makes them only 7 1/8" h in the 3-d mode. The floor to floor dimension is 9"8". Is there anyway to make the tool draw it as I imput the dimensions into the info box? I have to agree with some of the other postings, that while the tool is helpful to have, it could use some additional tweaks. Thanks for your help.
  14. I cannot get my VW to keep track of the time I spend on my drawings. I am operating a Mac G4 PB, using system 10.2.6 and am using VW 10.1.2. Until just recently, I have always been able to keep track of time which is very helpful in billing clients. I have checked the box in the preferences menu, zapped my PRAM and still no logging. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! :confused Pat
  15. Does anyone out there know where to find the patch (Poster Jet) for the HP455ca? I have been able to plot until I went on vacation and came back and now get the dreaded 8993 message. I talked to the Hp techie and he gave me an address to find the patch but I must not have written it down correctly. I have been following the forums various discussions about the apparent lack of support from both Nemetschek and HP to solve the problem of the RIP software. I too would love to know if anyone out there actually has a plotter that communicates seamlessly with VW9.x? I am using Mac OS10 and lower. Is there any reasonably priced solution?
  16. Thanks for your idea. I will try that tomorrow. Its a new day! quote: Originally posted by Irving: I have had similar problems with my converted file from 8.5.2. It is my only project (thank God) that I converted as a test, but it was a working project. My workaround was to simply cut and paste into a new file created within 9.0. I am able to plot (HP455CA/D size) most of the time, when I can't, at least I am able to print to my HP4MV onto 11x17 at 45% of original (so that the title block prints. I then send out for an enlargement (222%) to bring back to scale and include in my set. Hope this helps. Can't wait for 9.01 and hope that these problems all go away.
  17. I have had that same problem with all my drawings that I have converted. I can work around and get some to print by removing my title block and purge all classes having to do with that layer. I am sooooo frustrated right now. I have one drawing I am trying to do revisions on and print and cannot get it to print. Keep getting postscript error messages but I don't have any title blocks, etc.! Help!!!
  18. I am a residential designer and have been trying to set up my Standard Drawing file. I want to change the wall types available each time to those that I use. I have tried to substitue those that are predefined and get an error message saying: "Transpose R- Index outside array limits." I tried to use the custom Wall types and received "READ CAVITIES A- Index outside array limits. Seconds to execute: 0.03." Also, does anyone know how to figure out what the hatches look like and what all the other offerings in the pull down list are all about? Some of the wall types listed have a meteric measurement for their composition designation. Very confusing to me. Thanks if you can help me!
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