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  1. Jim, thanks. but how do I take the Sketch up file and convert to vector works?
  2. Does anyone have a bar height director's chair file that they care to share? OR, know where I can get one? Thanks.
  3. malibu


    I have version 2008
  4. malibu


    Does anyone have a 3d tree that they could share? Thank you kindly.
  5. Anyone know or have a symbol for a rope and stanchion? Thanks.
  6. malibu

    BMW 3d

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a 3d BMW car symbol? Thanks.
  7. malibu

    Austrian Drape

    Can you resend and post a saved 2008 version?
  8. Using my light tool , I can render beams of light, though I am unable to figure out how to render a gobo. Any step by step help? Thanks.
  9. I was looking for a symbol for the Martin LC series LED panels as well as a symbol for the Stage Bar. Thanks.
  10. I am using 2008. I am just looking for better symbols. Specifically VL3000 Spot and VL2500 Spot.
  11. Does anyone have or know how to get good VL symbols?
  12. Can you use spotlight to make a seating chart (ex. seating plan for a theatre)? Thanks.
  13. malibu


    Does anyone have the 2D & 3D symbols for a MAC 700 Wash and MAC 700 profile? Thanks.
  14. I was wondering if there were any objects better than the standard ones that Vectorworks supplies?
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