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  1. I just installed a 30 day trial of 2010 on one of my students laptops (all students get laptops here!) and although the install was a bit funky, 2010 is running well. No flickers. The machines are: AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile 2.00Ghz and 1.87 GB Ram with an ATI Radeo X1250 card. Looks like it is running with 256 mb of video ram. My laptop only looked like it was running 128 mb of shared video ram. That's a kicker, the students laptop is better than mine!? oh well, thanks anyways!
  2. thanks JHEarcht, I have a couple of windows wireless mice that I use (not at the same time) and I do not see lpoint.exe in the TM. I did though update the mouse drivers...still flickering! Thanks,
  3. Thanks j.christ, I rolled QT back to what came on the 2010 disc and still had the same problem. I did not though restart the computer so maybe tonight after a restart things will be ok! Thanks again for the suggestion,
  4. thanks JPA, but it looks like those drivers are for Vista and I have Win XP Tablet. I could try it but I am hesitant to make things more fubar! Thanks again,
  5. I am trying to figure this out here, but as you can see I am running windows XP. Correct me if I am wrong but XP will only allow so much ram to be used for memory...anything extra would just sit unused. Is it the same for video memory? Would Vista make better use of my ram? Windows 7? Not sure even if it does work better if I can load a new os as this is a work computer. Just trying to get my head around this! Thanks!
  6. I was able to run VW2009 perfectly! In fact I have them open, side by side. 2010 flicker, 2009 no flicker.
  7. Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Version: Date: 3/9/2009 Just spoke with a gal in tech support and she thought it might be my wireless mouse but I am running a wired mouse now with the same effect. I am also going to try starting windows in safe mode and see if anything changes. Thanks for your time,
  8. Thanks Ray, I went ahead and updated my drivers and the flicker is still there. FYI, according Quick time player, my version is:7.6.4 (1327.73). Also, When VW is open but without a drawing started, the mouse does NOT flicker. Only when a drawing is open. Thanks, Pat
  9. Hello All, Just updated to 2010! So far so good, but I am having a problem with a "flickery" mouse. When I move the mouse around the screen, say in the 2d select tool, the arrow flickers so much that it makes it difficult to determine if the move or resize arrow is active when I hover over the end of a line. I have tried to match settings but obviously I am missing something. I have unchecked the gdi in the display preferences...it seems like unchecking that always solves something! Thanks in advance for any advice cause it is giving me fits!
  10. Just noticed that sp4 is out the door...hey, that rhymes! And I see that I am still at sp2 on my educational license. I "checked for updates" but says I am good. Will we go straight to sp4 and bypass sp3? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Peter! I'll give it a shot! Pat
  12. I am teaching a class in basic VW and am having a trying time with some students and their printing problems. Most of the projects are on Letter paper in the landscape orientation. This is what I have them do: 1. Go to Page Setup / Printer setup to confirm "Letter" & "Landscape". 2. I usually have them select "One Printer Page" from Printable Area. 3. I have them confirm that the pages are 1 Horizontal and 1 Vertical. Then they "OK" out of setup. 4. Go to Print and select "All", then "OK". Now when a couple of the students print, both short sides of the drawing do not print...only losing the border. When I print (from my machine) their exact same drawing to my printer using the same procedure it prints fine! All of the kids have their own laptops and their own printers and most have no problems. I have told these few with problems to try and update their print drivers. I believe the problem kids have VISTA...everyone else is XP Pro. The program (VW 2009 student sp2) is otherwise working fine. I hesitate to have them do anymore as I don't think they are particularly computer savvy. Any help would be appreciated! Pat
  13. Hello All, I have a group of lines that I'd like to convert to an object that I can extrude. Please see the picture included. The bottom and two side lines are just plain lines. The center top line is an arc and the two side top lines are polylines. Thanks and please let me know if I can provide anymore information!
  14. Hello All, I am trying to download the student version of 2009. I have tried on two different machines on my work network (really fast and stable) and my home connection (DSL and fairly stable), but connections timed out. Are there possibly any strategies to get a successful download?! Thanks a bunch,
  15. I think as others had mentioned, the only "fix" is to upgrade to a 64bit OS, BUT, if a third party solution exists, I am all ears. I just can't seem to find one, so if you could provide a link, that'd be really cool!
  16. I just happened to have VW open and tried this...Peter's directions are correct! Really... as if there was a doubt! :-)
  17. Thanks for the tip Michael! This is the not first time that Andrew has bailed me out with one of his tools! Pat
  18. My new studio space has a "walk-around" continuous curtain track. Is there a trick to drawing a curved curtain? Thanks,
  19. I agree with everything everybody has said here but I respectfully disagree with Ray. While the programmers shouldn't be spending there whole days on the forum, they still should be browsing their portion of the "show". I have got to think that the challenges and troubles posted to list forum represent a fairly accurate cross section of the user experience. The bug submitting process is abysmal...I just don't do it.
  20. Here is my Layer - visibilities window. I am not sure if I see what you are talking about.
  21. In the layer or class organization window, there is alot of information. I propose adding a bit more. It would be really helpful, (at least for me), to have a drop down box on each layer or class line indicating which view it is in. This setup would make it *real* easy to quickly see what is where and make any needed adjustments.
  22. I created a simple stair unit from the pio. The stair has open stringers and no risers. There are two stringers, obviously, on the outsides of the stair, but I would like to add one in the middle. There is no place in the pio to accomplish this. I have to convert it and add one manually. It would be nice to have that option in the pio! Thanks
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