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  1. Hi Pat, Thanks for your ideas, yes a very easy work around indeed ....... I actually though it was something I was missing with the Subtracted Solid but of course it has no 2D components, Probably because I subtracted from the deck which has 2D I was expecting the new object to have it as well. Thanks for the help Dave.
  2. Hi Team, I have a question about Filling Objects, I have taken a stage deck that I created using the stage deck tool and cut a hole in it using the subtract solids tool to make a trap door, the new object now has no fill in Top/Plan view, how can I give this a colour fill like the deck next to it Thanks Dave.
  3. thanks for this Kevin, I'll Check it out 🙂
  4. Hello All, Does anyone know of any tutorials/ video how to's on how to model a drinks tin, coke can etc, its the taper on the top of the tin that I'm unsure of Thanks In Advance
  5. XOP15

    Light Bulb

    Hey Jim, Looks brilliant, really really smart....... I love the filament glow too, thanks for the post of your file too, I'll have a good look through it Cheers Dave.
  6. XOP15

    Light Bulb

    HI Jim, Thats not bad for 20 Mins, I would think it would take me about 20 hours just to get to that stage ! I look forward to seeing your finished render, was all this done in VW ? Thanks Dave.
  7. XOP15

    Light Bulb

    I wish there were results to share, Bulb has been sidelined as the project changed, will still try to model it though for my own findings & learning
  8. XOP15

    Light Bulb

    Hi Guys, Thanks so much for all your posts and tips, this has really helped me, Some of the tip produces great results but render time is huge, I'm still tinkering to find a happy balance....... My project has 22 hanging light bulbs so render time is important, hopefully i'll be able to post my final result here soon, Thanks once again Dave
  9. XOP15

    Light Bulb

    Hello Team, Does anyone have any tips for lightbulbs and rendering them ? I am trying to achieve the glass bulb effect shown in the attachment, my previous attempts just look like globes or spheres, any tips gratefully received Dave.
  10. Hi All, Does anybody have a Par 64 6 Lamp bar and 4 Lamp bar symbol they wouldn't mind sharing with me. I have made my own but I don't seem to be able to rotate it to the angle required (90? Vertical) Thanks Dave.
  11. Hi All, Thanks for your replies, yes I am looking for any alternatives as the VW2011 ones don't have a lot of new symbols. I am looking for GLP Impression 120 fixtures and a Robe or Clay Paky Beam Fixture. Tamsin, thanks for the heart, it works a treat. Thanks Again, Dave.
  12. Thanks all for the tip, i have dropped Steve Shelly a mail, in the mean time does anybody have a clay paky or robe beam symbol ? Cheers, Dave.
  13. Hi All, Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can find a pretty uniform set of symbols for VW. Over the years I have collected many symbols from all different places and I would like to get some that all look relatively the same. Any ideas gratefully received. Cheers. D
  14. Hi Andrew, Thanks for posting that symbol for me, unfortunately I cant seem to open it, I get the attached error message from VW. I am running Vectorworks 2010 spotlight renderworks on a mac 10.6.4 Any ideas, Best Regards, Dave.
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