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  1. We are having an issue where a title block will randomly disappear when printing a drawing - the drawing is showing properly on vectorworks, but when sent to the printer comes out without the title block. It's happening in a fashion that doesn't suggest a pattern, and sometimes the same drawing will print the title block, sometimes it wont. Has anyone come across this issue? Thanks
  2. I have an issue, which I've only had in 2017, where when you go into a viewport, it goes to a completely different part of the sheet layer than where the actual items shown in the viewport are located. This ends up wasting quite a lot of time just moving around the design layer hunting for what you need. Has anyone else got this issue and / or a solution?
  3. I always have my sheet layer items on none for the same reason. However things in a company always slip through the net. I'm just not sure what the purpose of this function is actually for - it seems counter productive to me as there's no reason I would want my sheet layer classes to match my viewport classes,
  4. If you don't press 'return to viewport' when on the design layer, and go straight to the sheet layer tab and choose a sheet, you end up with all the classes that were turned off on the design layer, being turned off on the sheet too. Why is this even a thing? I can see no advantage to this.
  5. I am also suffering from the problem. Brand new 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7 retina Imac, and it feels swamped, very jittery - if I select a number of items, on larger files it can take a few seconds to acknowledge the selection, and sometimes only tells me in object info, as opposed to visually updating with a box. This is on 2017, whereas 2016 is fine. It's also fine on older imacs in the office, which leads me to suspect issues related specifically to retina imacs.
  6. Is there a way to stop accidental groups of singular objects being created i.e. take a rectangle, and group it, or worse, a group of objects grouped repeatedly inside themselves. The amount of times I open a group to find someone has clearly pressed cmd G multiple times and have to ungroup repeatedly to get to the actual object/s inside the group, is infuriating!
  7. As per the title, virtually every time I open 2016 the 'Vectorworks 2017 is now available' box appears, which you have to close before you can use the program. How do you stop this?
  8. Hi Jim, Nothing worked - the 'solution' was to install service pack 4.
  9. Yes, it looks like the only way round this is recreating the viewport. It seems turning the setting off and on has no effect on the viewports with the issue.
  10. Hi, We have an issue on our copies of VW 2016 fundamentals, where one copy will allow different VW files to unstack by unticking the palette docking option, but on another copy the program says 'This function is unavailable in this version of vectorworks.' Both licences are fundamentals, so I am baffled as to how there can be a difference between the two copies.
  11. Hi, In VW 2016, when I click into the viewport, it goes to the centre of the page, rather than directly to the object I am looking at. This issue seems to happen on totally random viewports, even within the same document. Is there a new setting I'm not seeing?
  12. Hi, I'm creating an object (high level canopy) that needs to be dotted on the plan viewport, but solid on the ceiling plan viewport. Is there an easier way or doing this without simply duplicating the item and putting it on different classes?
  13. "The shift key no longer constrains to 90 degree increments for a start, but i keep finding lines i though i'd drawn straight are at random angles like 89.03 instead of 90, or i try to move / duplicate something in a straight line and when i let go of the mouse button it is no longer aligned, especially if you are not zoomed right in close, or the cursor appears to be snapping to a point but when you look closely it isn't." This is still a major problem for me Jim, incredibly frustrating trying to draw accurately currently. When is it likely to be solved?


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