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  1. Cox, I am now only working on one screen and I still have very slow performance. AutoCAD is ok, so it seems to just be Vectorworks which is struggling. I do have an AMD FX CPU which is known for having poor single core performance so perhaps it is just this. My laptop uses an Intel i7 and has no problems. I will ungroup and regroup the PDF's as per your suggestion and I will disable my antivirus and backup software to see if this helps. Thanks,
  2. I only use Vectorworks in 2D. I don't use it for rendering and i don't use renderworks etc. I am trying to understand whether Vectorworks 2017 uses the graphics card to draw or the CPU to draw vectored 2D. I have an 8 core CPU at 4.2Ghz but it really struggles with Vectorworks 2017. I think this is because VW is a single core process only in the drawing space and therefore performs slowly. Is this correct? The system requirements recommend at least 2GB dedicated graphics memory which i have. But is this only for renderworks? or is the graphics card used for 2D vector drawings? To get better performance in 2D (despite my current PC more than meeting the recommended specs) should i upgrade my graphics card or my CPU? many thanks, H
  3. I am having a problem where when I 'move by point' a group. It moves the bounding box but not the actual line work. I have to delete the group and then undo the delete to get the group to display properly. This happens on every group i try to 'move by point'. Does anyone have any solutions? many thanks, H
  4. I changed this but to no avail. I am still having problems with laggy performance after some time. Text is particularly bad. The program just feels very poorly optimised for my system. But i can work out why this would be. My PC meets all the recommended requirements.
  5. HI Guys, sorry for the slow reply i have been swamped with work recently. My issue with Vectorworks has not gone away. I am running Windows 10 Home and the software is becoming unusable. Its such a frustrating issue because i cant work out how to solve it. I have been looking at trying to buy an AMD Fire GPU which should be better at 3D and CAD work but the problem might persist even with a new CAD graphics card. I would rather not pay for something that might not be the issue. Perhaps it is a windows backup running in the background. I will check the Windows 10 backup. My files are also syncing through Google drive which might be the issue. I will report back after i have run some 'tests'. Nick, my desktop hardwear should have no problems running Vectorworks. I did realise though that in terms of 2D drawing Vectorworks is still a single core process and i know that my AMD cpu is better suited to multicore processes. Perhaps this is the cause of the issue? What is your CPU brand/type?
  6. Hi, I am finding that after ~30mins of using Vectorworks 2017 & 2016 the redraw rate and the object info boxes flicker and the program becomes really slow. Changing between tools and moving objects around the screen is laggy to the point where it affects my workflow. Text boxes are almost impossble to work with as i can't select text or move text without waiting a few soconds per operation. I would like to think that i am running powerful enough hardware to not have a problem but clearly something is not right and i can't seem to track it down. I phoned up the Vectorworks support line and they tried to fix the issue but to no avail. The girl was very helpful but basically just changed some of the graphics properties within vectorworks which made no difference. It does not matter how large or small the file is, how complex or how simple the geometry is. I am working only in 2D plan. Sketchup, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro etc. all work absolutely fine without any issues but AutoCAD suffers the same issue. I am hoping someone else had had the same problem or knows where i can next look for a solution. My specs: AMD FX 8350 CPU (8 cores overclocked to 4.7Ghz) AMD radeon R9 270x 2gb dedicated RAM (this is a dedicated graphics card) 16GB Corsair DDR3 1333mhz ram both programs are running on an SSD (samsung 840 pro) ASUS TUF Sabertooth 990FX R2 motherboard Windows 10 2 screens @ 1080pi each. i would be hugely grateful to anyone who could shed some light on the problem. I am not sure how to track down if its a hardware issue or a software issue. Many thanks 402-102-B-GroundFloorPlan.vwx
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