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  1. Thanks. Yes for certain things it can be a good idea and other things not. Cheers
  2. The default sheet color has a slight green color in Vw 2012. Is that on purpose. And is there a way to get it back to white.
  3. I have been trying to render a 65 k model in vectorworks 2011 on Mac OS 10.6.7, on a new 17 inch mac book pro 2.3 Ghz Intel core i7, 4 cores memory 8 GB, AMD Radeon HD 6750 and Intel HD Graphics 3000. 250 Gb free on hard drive (i hope this is enough technical info). When it gets to the load phase the rendering just stopes. and when I do a batch rendering i get a black image. All quiet quickly (it stops rendering after about 3 mn) I can render all the layers of the drawing separately. its only when i render the whole model in renderworks that it doesn?t work. Open GL works fine. Is it only a question of my model being to big? (I get no message what so ever) And if yes how do i know were the limit is. Sometimes i have had model were a reboot of the program would do. but not with this model. This is very frustrating. Cheers Jtml
  4. Since writing the beginning of this post I have got more used to the odd 2d objects in 3d. But not sure I like it. Thanks for all the comments. I very much agree with Gerards comment. Cheers
  5. Yes indeed. Alignement has to be clear as its the only way to check that complex buildings match the 2d sections. Its very confusing. Cheers
  6. Total Plane confusion in Vw2011 In front view I want to make a balustrade by sweeping a profile (a 2d polygon). Later I want to alter it so I ?go into it? and whop-ti from front view i m in top view. I copy and past the 2 d polygon because i want to take it out of the sweep to rework it in front view in which it was created and whop-ti it appears as a line. I go into top view to see it as a profile and rotate back to be in front view so i can work with it with my other objects in front view. I make a rectangle I want to add to it and Vw2011 tells i can t ad them as the original profile are not in the same plane; nowhere in the info pane can i see a value showing that plane . I can see that if i go into iso view the original profile is a a 2d object with a 3d logic and the newer rectangle remains truly 2d. very confusing. And I try to draw a rectangle in all the different screen planes, layers planes etc to get a square on the same plane. But in vain. How do I draw a 2d object in the same plane as this strangege 2d object? Please make a mode where 2d remains 2d. And if a 2d objects gets a 3d quality give it a value and a different name in the info pane as its not a 2d object anymore. This is total confusion Cheers Joergen tml
  7. I have the same problem. what ever i try its greyed out. Cheers JT
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