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  1. I am finding that every hour/halfhour or so Shift+Select stops working along with the Spacebar Pan Command shortcut. A close/open of the document or the program fails to restore functionality. The only solution I have yet to find is restarting MY COMPUTER. I am up to date on service pack updates. Any ideas?
  2. The page gives me an access forbidden message when I try to download.
  3. Anyone know if there is a PIO or equivalent Fibonacci gauge for creating golden ration dimensions based off fixed dimensions in VW?
  4. FTR, used the Fit to Walls and it was far more effective than the wall recess tool. Took a few tries to realize the geometry being fit to had to be on a separate layer with nothing else on it. Thanks for the help!
  5. It appears that an email address which I only use for this site has been caught up by some spam software. I am curious if it is possible to put in better protections for email addresses. Anyone else have this problem? Here's the text of the email I received: Dear Vectorworks, We can help improve your online sales. If you agree, email us today and we'll perform a no-cost site analysis and show you how. Sincerely, Carolann Fordham Web_Results
  6. Thanks! I knew it was obvious. Just couldn't find it.
  7. I usually just put the PDF on its own layer with a scale 1:1 and set the other layers for the drawing at the scale needed to trace accurately. The math involved in the scale objects route seems more accident prone. Am I missing something as to why it is preferable to scale the PDF?
  8. I have a point light behind an object, trying to do a quick and dirty mock up of the effect of a wall sconce. When I render using a RW camera it all looks great, but the icon for the light, which is behind solid textured geometry, shows through the rendering. I assume this is some setting I have simply not found yet but I want to turn it OFF so the image just has the rendering. My little thumbnail was what I got with a FQRW using a RW camera. I could go through the hassle of creating a Spotlight PIO but that seems excessive for this. Suggestions?
  9. I'd prefer a solution that did not necessitate making a nullset layer or class. But good to know!
  10. Thanks Benson. I think just using two objects grouped will work better for my purposes.
  11. Thanks Josh! Only drawback is that operation converts the wall to a solid subtraction. However the same process using the "Wall Recess Tool" creates the same effect while maintaining the wall as a wall. @Michael, There is no roof and it is a curved rise not a linear slope, but thanks for he suggestions.
  12. I am trying to draw a wall that is curved in plan view and also has a slope in its run from SR to SL from 12'6 to 18'. Obviously I could loft NURBS curves to create the basic shape, but it has several doors that would be easier to use plug-in objects for rather than cutting holes in a NURBS and lining up doors to fit the holes. So far I can make a linear rise quite easily, but not a sloping cured rise as it wants to be. Suggeastions?
  13. Is there a way to adjust the fill opacity of an object independently of the overall object opacity? I want to draw a translucent box with a solid border w/out grouping two objects together.
  14. I am experiencing an interesting problem/bug. Every once in a while it seems that VW resets my view without my telling it to do so. Further curious is that it does not refresh the view so I only discover this when I try to select or modify an object and it is not there despite appearing on screen. Seems to happen more often to always when working in OpenGL.
  15. I am in the process of drafting a house made out of 24' shipping containers. The walls of the containers are corrugated metal. I have yet to find a solution for making the walls interact properly with plug-in objects like windows and doors. What I did was draw a polyline in the shape and size of the corrugated metal and then converted to a wall. Trouble is it made 212 small walls, and when I place a plug-in object, the object simply sits in the wall obscured by the corrugated metal. I would prefer to have the wall drawn as the actual object exists rather than using textures to aid in precision with final lighting renderings. Any suggestions as to an alternate workflow or a step I am missing in this process? I am running VW2010. 2011 is in the mail so I would be open to suggestions using either version. Thank you much.
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