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  1. I also use a HP 455CA. It is 300dpi. The printing is a bit slow, but with the auto cutter you can spool a dozen drawings and go for lunch. It definitely seems to be a Windows item, modified for a MAC. I use it for architectural drawings, and have not tried full color renderings, but coloring elevations is fine, given the limited color choices in Vectorworks Software quirks are always a bit of a problem between VW, where they won't discuss printer driver problems and HP that doesn't talk MAC. There can be good exceptions though. one minor problem is that the VectorWorks drawing size does not quite line up with the printer, so there is a lot of fine tuning to get the boarders and title blocks on the edge. BenJArch
  2. When I try to print tabloid size drawings that have been convert from VW8.5, on my HP 455CA, only 2/3 of the image prints, then the computer freezes & eventually the HP RIP crashes. If I open the original (nonconverted) dwg from within VW 8.5, it prints perfectly. I have the page/print area set to "one page", and the file/page set up to "Arch B". I am printing in the landscape orientation, and it stops at about 11" of the 17" printed. Finally I copied and pasted each layer on a fresh VW9 document, and it printed successfully. [This message has been edited by benjarch (edited 06-13-2001).]
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