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  1. I use VW8.5.2 on a Mac G3. Currently own a HP250C and would like to upgrade to a roll feed, much faster large format color printer. Is anything made especially for the Mac. I print to my HP Laserjet 4MV for B&W 11x17 output. It does a perfect job with grays and resolution. Can any large format printer [plotter] even come close to laser quality and speed. I don't want to experiment with this and am hoping someone or VW can recommend the best plotter for the job. I only plot about 10 size D per day - but desire speed and color quality. It now takes about 12 minutes to do a color or grayscale 24 x 36. I use Microspot Graphics Ultrapac for a driver. Thanks anyone for the help. Steve Whaley Whaleyco
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