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  1. I have a US license of Vectorworks Spotlight 2018 for sale. Asking $1800 ono. Service Select is active till the middle of 2019, ready to upgrade to 2019.
  2. I'm selling a license for Vectorworks Spotlight 2019, with service select through to mid next year. License is US. Asking $2200
  3. My Installation of Vectorworks2013 sp5 must have a bug, as it crashes whenever trying to import or export a dwg file. Happens with all dwg files, and any document I try to export. I can't do a fresh install for a fortnight as I'm away. Anyone have a fix for this that doesn't require reinstall? Or, anyone willing to convert a 1.3mb dwg file to vwx2013 for me ? Cheers - Ev
  4. Thanks for that workaround ... just saved me, Cheers
  5. Just wanted to throw it out there that a) I?ve always wondered what those settings did and b) that just solved the problem I?ve been trying to figure out for a week! Thanks posters
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