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  1. Kevin- Thanks for this. The problem appeared to fix itself yesterday after the file was uploaded to a server and then opened on a PC. A full export was successfully created (I didn't prompt VW to export, it did it automatically). Later last night I download the VW file to my Mac (the same computer that the problem started on), opened it up and the full export worked successfully!! I performed a couple of actions that may have caused the failure to export originally. I changed the Model Name and Instrument Type in the Light Info Record for about five symbols. It seemed that these fixtures made up most of the selection of the plot that was exported to the xml. I made a few other routine changes, color, channel, and moved a few fixtures around. Let me know if you need any other information. -Clay
  2. Hi all- I am currently having a problem where VW won't export the full XML data. Entire Plot line is shown in the XML file but it only contains a selection of the fixtures. The exported information seems to be fixtures that I recently added or changed. I have tried changing the file name to a simple one, moving locations, and placing the XML file in a different folder. The VW file is directly on my hard drive, not on a server. In VW I can generate a full channel hookup that contains all of the fixtures, VW is recognizing the fixtures but not exporting them to the XML file. I am running VW 2012 SP2, on Mac OSX 10.7.3. LW 5.0.28, I'm thinking this is a VW problem as the XML file is missing data. Macbook Pro 8gigs of ram, 320gb HD, 2.8 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. Any thoughts? -Clay
  3. Thanks Michael, I had already checked to make sure that interactive scaling was enabled (and it was) I cycled through the modes again after your post and it began to let me move fields. Not sure what the problem was, but thanks for helping! -Clay
  4. Hi all, In the past I could move individual fields of the label legend around on a per instrument basis. However now the fields and instrument symbol all seem to be "grouped" together and I can only move them as one unit. VW 2010 SP3 Thanks, -Clay
  5. Hey guys, I'm am looking for a symbol for the Wybron Nexera LX both the wash and profile. Thanks, Clay
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