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  1. James W. Johnson

    Rotate around object center?

    Oh! Well it really was that simple. Thanks. The little things always get me.
  2. James W. Johnson

    Rounded Rectangle Line Weights Do NOT print correctly

    Are you printing from a sheet layer? or right from the design layer. I suggest printing from a sheet layer as you will have more control over the DPI. I believe sheet layers default at 72dpi, but you might kick it up to 150 or even 300. You do this by right clicking on them in your Navigation window, then clicking EDIT. You'll see the DPI setting. The larger the DPI the longer the rendering time, but with a couple of rectangles you could go over 300 with no problems at all. If they are general 2D objects there wont be any rendering time.
  3. James W. Johnson

    Rotate around object center?

    I just installed vectorworks on a new machine and everything ported over fine, workspaces. templates, everything... but the one thing I cannot figure out is why, on my old machine, the "flyover" tool rotates the view around a selected object's center, and on the the machine, it rotates the view around the WHOLE model's center. Where do I change that setting? Thanks! -James OSX 10.7.3 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 8 GB Ram Vectorworks 2010
  4. James W. Johnson

    Perspective Drawing from Top/Plan Viewport

    Thanks! I forgot that you can compair visibilities when both viewports are selected. So I went through and did that for each for each of the ground plans to ensure they were the same. Thanks for the reply, I will try your work through when I get back to that project.
  5. James W. Johnson

    Perspective Drawing from Top/Plan Viewport

    Hello, I would like to create a perspective front view of our stage from a top/plan view ground plan. Everything is drafted as 3D. I have been able to change the viewport settings to create a perspective drawing. However the "camera" or where we are viewing the drawing from is off to the side. Is there a way to change where the "camera" or viewing position is? Of course I know how to create a renderworks camera and create a perspective drawing that way. I want to be able to take all of the visibility settings in a top/plan drawing and create a perspective drawing from them. Via a copy/paste of the top/plan viewport then change the view settings. I guess another way I could do this would be to somehow copy the visibility settings from one viewport and apply them to another. Any ideas?
  6. James W. Johnson

    Export to Adobe After Effects

    There has to be a way to get 3D models into after effects? Any ideas? I have played with exporting to Blender 3D then using plugins to export that to After Effects but I have to animated to object and export a certain number of frames.... no good, I want to have 3D information that I can fly around and light. Any ideas?
  7. James W. Johnson

    Animating Moving Objects

    Thanks! that looks awesome and makes me thing that I need to get my hands on AnimationWorks!
  8. James W. Johnson

    Animating Moving Objects

    hmmm.... cool. Thanks!
  9. James W. Johnson

    Animating Moving Objects

    Hello All, I am not even sure if this is possible, but I would love to animate the way our set moves for one of the theater productions we are currently drafting... is this possible? Any great workflows? Thanks in advance!
  10. James W. Johnson

    Greneral Notes

    How? I am curious? Two different classes?
  11. James W. Johnson

    Organizing Sheets

    Is there a quick and easy way to automatically number your sheets? I find that I add and delete sheets on a regular basis. Is there a way to re-order them without having to change each sheet number?
  12. James W. Johnson

    Switching to a Mac

    Great! That sounds wonderful! What about workspaces? Do they port over? Or will I need to create my own over again?
  13. James W. Johnson

    Switching to a Mac

    Hey all, I am getting ready to make the switch to Apple. What are some issues, workflow problems, etc, that I need to worry about. More specifically, can I still use a 4 button mouse, Right click, etc? I just want to make sure I am prepared for whatever learning curve is ahead of me.
  14. James W. Johnson

    An Image/3D shapes over a sphere?

    I know a bit about texture maping and that would work fine for this purpose, but I am still curious how I would take a shape, say a continent shape, make it 3/4" thick then lay it over a sphere... That way I can get a good 3D render... its mostly a fun problem to figure out at this point... Thanks for all the help! That Photoshop plugin will most definitely come in handy. James
  15. James W. Johnson

    An Image/3D shapes over a sphere?

    Hello, I am making a world map in vectorworks with a "grid" in the shape of a sphere under it. How would all you advanced users go about placing the continents over this grid? I have attached what I have now for you all to play around with... I have no idea how to go about this, thanks for your help.


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