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  1. Thanks Mark for the prompt reply and clarity - much appreciated. I'll figure out a workaround that'll probably mean editing the image off VW then reimporting. Ho hum! Cheers P
  2. Happy Easter All, I'd like to use a photo as a background for a 2D collage of my building design. How can I use VW to adjust its 'perspective'? i.e. turn a rectangular image into an irregular quadrilateral? I've tried converting into polygon; tried the 2D Reshape tool - but I can't get the handles to unlock from rectangular drag to freeform drag. Many thanks. Cheers Peter
  3. Thanks Niki, Thatworks a treat! I had been looking for that for ages, and it was there all the time. Cheers P
  4. HNY all. Seeing as this thread looked at window insertion issues, I wonder if anyone can illuminate hoqw to align window frames (&door) with the outer brick face, ie flush finish? Again, it isn't the newbuild parts I'm trying to model, but parts of the original building. Many thanks P
  5. I have been informed by VWks that Mac users, if they are running Mojave OS, will find that the 2015 version will not work. Can someone confirm that this is true, and what the solution is, and what that will cost? Thanks P
  6. Morning, SOLD! Please send me details of how to make payment, thanks. I have posted my private email address above, (first replier to this thread). Many thanks Peter
  7. Hi HHA, Are you able to send me further details, am quite keen to find out more, many thanks. Peter
  8. hi HHA, Please email me further details on the address in the attached photo, many thanks. Peter
  9. Hi there, following up on your follow up...I'd like to purchase a licence to help me get back into CAD etc. How much are you looking to charge, and what is the process here forth? Thanks. Peter
  10. Hi All, I want to get back into architecture, and need to brush up my VW CAD skills, especially 3D and BIM. I was using a Student version in 2015, and am looking for a cheap licence until I think I'm ready (and can afford to buy) a full up-to-date licence. All offers (and advice) welcome. Thank you. P
  11. Hi All, quick question here, I'm importing 3D bathroom symbols, which render properly in a 3D view, but when trying to manage height 'Z' value, there is no 'Z' field in the Object Info box. Q. Is there a way to force VW to give an object a Z value, or am I missing something, thanks. regards P.
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