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  1. Hi We have been exporting DWG/DXF files quite happily to architects over the past couple months with no complaints their end, all our information was getting through. Suddenly, some of our classes are not importing and there is not clear/obvious reason why. Any ideas much appreciated!
  2. roshob

    VW2012 crashing

    Hi Guys, The referenced VP is just a vector works drawing so not sure what the issue may be there, however the ref VP originated as VW2011.. may be connected i don't know. i have found that mixing CAD and VW is a bad idea but sometimes it cant be helped as Architects only use Auto CAD unfortunately.. I had copied and pasted what was a cad detail (very basic one i hasten to add) into the drawing which might have added to the problem, but all these things i did on a daily basis in VW11 so its not exactly technical heavy stuff. I should also add that everything in the corrupt file lost its identity if you will.. all call out text boxes when highlighted had no edit ability, even the object info box had no idea what the item was. Same with dimensions etc. i just don't get it.. soooo frustrating..
  3. roshob

    VW2012 crashing

    Have looked into activity and there is plenty of RAM available, VW is the only application running. Having looked at the console logs I can see that the program is crashing in the Vector Works Memory Management "com.yourcompany.VWMM 0x0778bc58 VWMM::Partition::Deallocate(void*) + 44". This has become very frustrating now. Hardware checks have been performed and all diagnostics pass with flying colours. Did a filesystem check and that is clean. Can anyone shed any light on this? Might have to go back to 2011. Can someone from VW please get back to me to assist with this disaster.
  4. I just cant believe this is a problem, you will see from the post i have just added that this has lost me countless days work.. and its enough to make me ditch VW. In the nicest possible way the starting and finishing in the same versions comment is so unhelpful. yes the benefit of hindsight allows you to sit there and say it, but for the millions who are trying to represent a company that cannot produce the goods to the deadlines set, what are the options..? is it related to hatches? it would appear so.. as everything that had a hatch or a pattern is now completely corrupt and for some reason assigned to classes that they were not previously on. this is not a problem that VW should be having seeing as this is a tool that has been around for many years.. is there a quick fix, it doesn't appear so.. but i wont be using VW12 again.. im heading back to VW11 as i should have done when this happened last week when i thought it was a one off.. sorry for the rant but what else can i do..?
  5. roshob

    VW2012 crashing

    I should say that i am no longer on the above machine, im on: MAC Pro.OS X 10.6.8 Processor 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core intel Xeon Memory 6GB 1066 MHz DDR3
  6. I think i am about to cry! i have the new VW 2012 installed about three weeks ago now. it has corrupted nearly all of my drawings both old and new. i have probably lost about two weeks of work in total. i am so angry right now .. who's going to pay for loss of earnings.. certainly not the client and a team of architects waiting on my work! its ridiculous. the only thing i can think of is that it cant cope with external referenced view ports because that is the only complex item in my drawings. symptoms - VW crashes and then when i re-open the file, it has places random items on random classes and coloured them black both in outline and in fill. the document then continues to crash regularly leaving me with a document that is in my opinion unusable and quite frankly a waste of time trying to save the work as any new document i create ultimately ends up the same way. can someone please help me as this simply cannot go on..
  7. roshob

    Camera shots

    When placing a camera on my site and hitting the display camera view.. the actual window is in some random place miles away from my model (thought it would create a new sheet layer or quivalent but clearly not) and i wondered if anyone knew why this was... does it simply find your page boundary and stick it on that..? Also the open GL rendering option just about works although the computer grunts a bit... but the terrain seems to be existing rather than proposed... im clearly missing something but not sure what..? would be great to know what if anybody knows.. thanks
  8. roshob

    geometry lines

    drape surface is not helpful for this.. but Miguel your completely right i just had to edit the lines in the site model settings tab.... not the classes in navigation window.. thanks for your help
  9. roshob

    mass model

    its ok i just exploded it... the roof hits 0 z value but shifting it in move 3d object works fine for this... how else can you generate the mass model...?
  10. I dont know the answer im afraid but i seem to be having a problem with texture beds and as they are working for you i figured id ask your advise if you dont mind!!... i have created the texture bed and updated my model but it seems to cut the area i want to texture and lift it way up above my model... higher that that of the elevation i indicate in the object info... any ideas why that is? i tried sending to surface but it doesn't respond to that either.. it also colours it grey rather than the colour or texture i would like... its the perfect tool for existing drives etc. as you mention i just cant get it to work right.. would be great to hear your thoughts cos im running out of ideas..
  11. roshob

    mass model

    sorry one last question, is there a way of rendering a mass model? they are obviously a quick insert to give a sense of perspective and scale and I would rather render it than build a whole building from scratch using walls etc...
  12. hey guys, merry christmas and a happy new year to you all... im sure you are all enjoying the holidays rather than work but unfortunately i am not! and i have a quick question to ask in the hope that somebody out there is available... When using the colour wash rendering option all the triangulated sections that make up the site model end up with black outlines.. i really like this sketchy look for a quick concept but only for the key features such as walls, buildings, paths etc... how do i remove them from the terrain only if this possible..? thanks x
  13. Thanks Peter, and hopefully now you can see what I am running on the computer, however i will be updating to VW landmark 2010 next week.
  14. i dont have fit walls to roof option in AEC only create roof, create polys from walls or simple beam calculator...? im i missing something as all the help menus/books seem to think its in the AEC drop down... i have version 2008... dont know if thats got anything to do with it?
  15. drape surface sounds about right, I have tried the pale grey tones in open GL already but the triangulated surfaces show quite badly. I didnt realize there was such a tool within VW as drape so as it does the right job in sketchup its bound to be right in VW... thanks again for your help.


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