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  1. Does anyone know if its possible to edit the Vectorscript of the "Receptacle" Plug-in that comes with Vecotorworks? When I try to edit it, I receive a prompt telling me the its locked. I would like to edit the default text size but I just cant seem to get into it. Thanks!
  2. Flapjack, once you download those plugins you can always go into the vectorscript itself and change the default text sizing. Thats what we do at our firm.
  3. Ros, I tend to leave my elevation of the Texture bed set at 0" that way it is set right ontop of the model. I dont believe the "the send to surface" command works for site modifiers. To get it to color and texture correctly make sure you type in the class layer in the object info. This can be confusing because you can select the class from the basic drop down but the wont change it correctly. You will need to type in it just below the box that states "Apply to" Hope that helps,
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to add a thickness to a texture bed? Working with the site DTM is virtually impossible to create a realistic looking site and I am having to use texture beds for all my roads and curbs. So if I could add a thickness to it would be great. Thanks!
  5. Alienware Intel Core 2 Duo @3.00GHz 4.00GB Ram Windows XP Professional But it works in vw2009 with the same specs and not in vw2010. Should I upgrade to Windows 7?
  6. I am having major memory issues with a file the was started in v.2009 and two days ago transfer to a v.2010 file. I have notice a major slow down in the workings of Vectorworks now and my elevations and section cuts will not render at all. (out of memory error) In version 2009 I had no problems at all. I go back to the old file and it still can render in v.2009 fine but not in v.2010. How can this be fixed? Is anyone else having these problems? Does Version 2010 take up more resources? As of right now v.2010 seems worse than v.2009? Am I wrong here? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks Peter for the Reply. I know I can simply change the line weight of the object but I was trying to to have the outline of the object and the interior hatching fill to be on two separate line weights. I know I could simply trace a box or polyline around the object to create the two line weights but I trying to reduce the number of lines created ontop of one another. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!
  8. I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to change the class attributes of the interior fill(type) of a Linear Material? Basically I am trying to create a thicker line profile around the interior hatching. Thanks for you help
  9. Maybe this has been asked a hundred times over but has there been any advancement to a 64 bit platform with this latest release of Vectorworks 2010? Also has there been any additions to the window PIO that helps create circle windows at all? One last question if anyone knows. With this new Wall sculpting tool will that allow for the ability to create flares (see attached Image) on my walls or possibly be able to create slanted walls? [img:left]http://tmsarchitects.com/press/Images/tms-elevation%20with%20flare.jpg[/img]
  10. how have you inserted the doors? Do you have Auto Classing on? If so your wall lines might be on another class which you might have to turn off. (ex. Ceiling-Main)
  11. Thanks Jeffrey, I will try and submit as a bug and see what comes of it. Thanks again, Nathan
  12. I am looking for some help with the Space tool. Recently we purchase a new architecture looking font (Prov architect ndp ) that we would like to now use in our standards of fonts. When I have the font applied to the space tool and then go to export my drawings to PDF the text where the (Prov architect ndp ) font is applied doesn?t show up at all. It show up perfectly fine on screen and I tried exporting to Jpeg and it is fine there as well. If I take the space objects away all the text shows up fine in PDF. Has anyone run into this problem at all? Or possibly have a solution other than just using another font? Thanks, Nathan


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