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  1. Jake, Have you checked to make sure you are running the latest service pack, at least 4. I recently upgraded to VW09 and was having the same problem. My position are on their own layer and fixtures on another. When I converted a file from 12.5 to 2009 and start working in it I could not control where the fixture landed. But if I convert and save as a 2009, close and then reopen. I don't have that problem, if my fixture lands near the cross VW is letting me choose which pipe to assign it to. I don't know why but it is letting do it. Oh, also our positions are locked which my be part of it because with them locked the auto numbering does update automatically. Once I place my fixture I have to unlock the pipe, cycle the auto numbering command and then renumber. It is a little cumbersome but I have not find a way around it. I understand the irritation, I like my lightwright export to be clean and predictable. Later,
  2. Glad to here it. For your other question once you put the symbol in your file you edit it like you would any other symbol. Right click on it and select edit. After that it will ask you 2d, 3d and a couple of other things. Select which you want to change and then it will take you to that component of the symbol and you can make what ever changes you want. If you are wanting to change the library itself I recommend finding the file and coping it under a new name. Then open the copy and edit it the same way. From what I can tell the Library file are just VW files with nothing in them but symbols. Hope this is helpful.
  3. In 2008 you selected the focus point and then go to where you change the line weight. Turn the line off there and that should make the container invisible.
  4. So in the current set up with a new version every year what are we to do. My theatre was barely able to upgrade to 2009 how are we to work with designers who are running 08, 10 and in the future 2011 if we stand a go chance of losing data when we pass files between versions?
  5. We are updating our files to 2009,when we open a file and let it convert to a 2009 file we are having lighting fixture disappear after working in the file for a period of time. We have tried to combat this by converting the file and immediately closing and reopening it. We have also had lighting fixtures disappear in another way. Our lighting positions are on one layer and our fixtures are in another. With show/snap/modify on and the lighting fixture layer off, if we copy our lighting position to another point in the file it takes some of the fixtures with it. After modify and deleting some of the position the lighting fixtures have disappeared. Find and Modify will still see them and say it has selected more fixtures than are visible on the screen. Is there any thing that can be done to combat this?
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