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  1. "I'm not about to start researching and learning the marionette tool, subdivision surfaces, 3D pdf exports etc when I can't even get the surface hatch to work on a floor . . " Will VW ever address the ongoing issues from the base? The very first time I used VW I could not believe how clever it was, a CAD & Illustrative package in one, on a Mac, a jackpot! Several years and much investment later, not really feeling it. best wishes . .
  2. So glad I saved my upgrade budget for now, thank you JimW for finally opening that Nemetschek door to round-table dialogue. Hallelujah x 2015 !
  3. mtno


    hmm . . co ordinately speaking I know where it might be going [img:left]http://mbngmortgage.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/dog-digging-a-hole.jpg[/img]
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    VArchiworks 2014
  5. I'd like to participate in the Utopian vision of M5D for a new VW. Crowd-funding is a modern vehicle for communities of all kinds to drive . . let's vote with our idle upgrade fees and appeal to Ernst Homolka & Tim Alexander L?dke for directions.
  6. Hi Mark, thanks for shining such a bright light onto the hidden ability of VW to model like it wants to ! . . can't wait to see how we get to bring it onboard.


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