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  1. Aloha, Benson & Wouter: Benson your experience is valid. All the dimensions revert to current unit setting when they are changed. I should have been a bit more specific?these are my property line objects. Wouter you are correct?PIO don't update. When I choose update in the edit dialog the dimensions revert to current setting. Thank you both, I have better understanding now! Warm Aloha from Hawaii!
  2. Aloha, Peter: I was very confused once. You are right we both are in the N. Hemisphere. After speaking to couple of the local surveyors few years back...the story is that the first surveyor arrived on the islands in the early days thought Hawaii was in the Southern Hemisphere. The mistake was carried forward faithfully to date. In Hawaii all the survey are done with South Azimuth! I did discover that I could change them manually, was just hopping for universal settings somewhere. I'll PM Jonathan. Thanks Peter! P.S. I didn't mean you're in S. Hem. Just hoping someone beside you?who reside in S. Hem might response... Sorry for the confusion...(smile) Aloha
  3. Aloha, Peter or anyone else (from the southern hemisphere...) Hawaii uses South azimuth for its Metes and Bounds description. Anyone know how can I get South azimuth labelled on the property line that I created with Peter's direction in previous post? I tried drawing my line counter clockwise that didn't do the trick. I hope I don't have to manually change the azimuth on every single property line. Mahalo!
  4. Aloha, I searched the forum but I couldn't find it...remember reading it somewhere... Perhaps someone remembers this or can help to answer my question. When I change the settings i.e. from Feet/Inches to Feet the change does not change values on previously created objects but only on the object I create after changing the setting. Is this how it suppose to work? If yes, then the correct work flow would be...you change the setting then create your objects. Then change again before creating newer object with different units. Could anyone confirm this? Or is the a bug? Mahalo!
  5. Peter, that works like a charm!!! The command available from contextual menu (Control+Click). Thanks so much!
  6. Aloha, Peter: As always... thank you very much for your fast, prompt and ever helpful replies. I will give it try in few minutes here.
  7. Aloha, is there a way to convert standard lines to "property line" with all the bearing and distance information automatically attached to it? I have stakeout points that was given by surveyor, it will be much easier to draw lines from one point to another instead of going through the Property line tool. Thanks!
  8. Aloha, Benson: Thank you for the kind words. If you ever visit the Hawaiian Islands you're welcome to visit our monastery (on the island of Kauai). You will experience the "aloha" spirit in action! Have great weekend! Mahalo (thank you)
  9. Aloha, Peter, what you suggested was what exactly I needed. Benson, your suggestion of having hairline border helped to glue the pieces together. Thank you so much to all of you! :cool:
  10. Aloha, thank you everyone! I'll experiment and will report back! Thank you so much!!
  11. Aloha, I have a 24" HP DesignJet T610 Plotter and need to produce a drawing that is about 48"x96" I have various custom size pages setup in my page setup i.e. 24"x36" etc. How do I force VW to print this large Sheet Layer into multiple small pages on the plotter? I can tile these printed pages to make one large drawing... I tried multiple options on pages setup but with no luck. Is there a way to tile these pages? I could manually create smaller viewport then print and glue them together but hoping I can do it automatically via the print menu. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  12. Aloha, Ian: What you shared will not go to waste. I promise! I'll play around will report back to you. I will learn to understand VW Scripting better. I was assuming I can simply cut and paste and it will work when I asked you. Didn't realize it is much more than that...sorry if I misled you!!
  13. Aloha, Ian: thanks for posting the script. I have to confess this is a bit over my head! Looks like I need get myself familiar with VW script first.
  14. Aloha, Ian: I don't have any experience with VW script at all. Do you mind sharing? Thanks
  15. Thanks, Bryan: That will make the staking in VW much easier! Looking forward to it.
  16. Aloha, it will extremely useful for the users if the tool could do auto numbering. Please include one more option to the Label Description?ID, Description and Elevation, or give the users the ability to customize these labels. Thank you
  17. Hi, Bryan: I searched the forum and bump into this thread. I was hoping if I post a question you would answer it. Looks like you are facing the same issue?...manually changing all the ID number! I will add to the wish list. Auto numbering would be very much appreciated. Label Reference with ID, Description and Elev. will very useful to me too!
  18. Aloha, Bruce: try repairing permissions first from Disk Utility before spending more time troubleshooting. Restart your iMac after the permissions repair.
  19. It appears like it...I only see the 2013 viewer on the download page here http://www.vectorworks.net/downloads/index.php Perhaps a moderator or someone from NV might know the answer
  20. Aloha, Thank you Tamsin...I see it now. Bryan, thanks, I was able to get Microsoft Active Sync in Parallels Desktop to connect to the data collector. I am glad I don't have get another PC version of software such as Autocad or something to do this simple task. Glad to see VW can do it!! Thanks again for you help!
  21. Aloha, Bryan: I am not very familiar with worksheets. I am seeing all my points; however, I couldn't find the export option for the worksheet...Thanks
  22. Thanks Bryan! I will experiment with it.
  23. Aloha, how can I export stake coordinates? I want to export the points to a Total Station data collector. I can't find any option for this. Thank you
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