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  1. Hey guys... just wondering whether this post should get further updates... or just let it died? I think it is an important conversation. Blimey- has your office resolved the speed problems by switching back to design layer referencing? Jeffery- I second Blime's point about 'workflow'. If you have more than one person working on a project, the task of modelling has to be spread between different people in the team. In any case, modelling+drafting are intertwined processes. It is not like when you finish modelling, you start drafting. These two processes are very much interactive and iterative. All the other CAD packages on the market now have much better teamwork interfaces (look at ArchiCAD, Revit etc), they also have a teamwork structure that keeps the model in one file to maintain its BIM integrity. Vectorwork's ability to link one file to another a really antiquated way of teamwork. Is Nemetschek planning a better, and different way of teamwork for Vectorworks?
  2. Hey what is it like to use VW2011 with the Quadro FX 4800 graphics card. Are the renders superfast? Does open GL respond really quickly? I have an early 2008 8 core mac pro with the standard ATI Radeon card and EVERYTHING is VERY SLOW. Hope to hear form you. Julian
  3. Agreed. This is important to the workflow of architects.
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