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  1. 9 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    I downloaded it via the Updater app after noticing the Message Centre message yesterday 

    Interesting. Vectorworks is still saying its up-to-date.


    I just tried through the Updater again. After clicking "Reset" or something like that under Advanced Options it appeared. Before that the status said the update channel was set to "beta" and clicking Check for updates under Advanced Options said I was up-to-date. @MikeVW there may be a bug here somewhere.




  2. @JimW it looks like this is related to this thread ( Link ). It looks like as well as being removed from the right click menu in the Navigation Palette it also doesn't appear in the Properties dialog for the Viewport. Note that the original poster included an image of the Properties dialog, not the OIP where it does appear. This Knowledge base article is currently not correct because of this oversight.




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