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  1. Yes I am sure that I have the correct settings- when I am in "active layer only" and "show /snap /modify other classes" it still does not snap to 3d polygons in VW 2010 but it does in VW 2009. Strange.....
  2. I tried with the commando Modify Convert to polygons and there it was! Thank you!
  3. When I want to make a print of sufficient quality I usually use 300dpi. I have tried to reduse to 150 or 100, but it does not help too much.
  4. Yes it is inconvenient! Some times I need to redraw 3d polygons to edit them in a 2d drawing with colours hatches etc. Some times I just need to follow a line (like a road) to make a boarder. The easiest would be if it was possible to convert 3d polys to 2d polys!
  5. Well, I tried to export the file as VW 2009 and opened it in VW 2009 and then the snap to 3D function works. This tells me that it might be something with my 2010 version?
  6. Why is it so that when a VWfile i large it also becomes too heavy when it is exported as pdf? When I send it to the firm who makes prints for me I have experienced that they are not able to get it out. If I export it as jpg it becomes smaller.
  7. The digital maps usually contains both 2d lines and 2d and 3d polygons. Some times I need the map to draw 2d plans. It is very annoying that I can not draw a 2d polyline snapping to a 3d polygon, like an edge of a road. Is there a solution to this? Mvh
  8. You can edit all plant symbols old and new, by simply dobleclicking on them. brit
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