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  1. Is it possible to improve the time log output in a way that organizes this information by date, week, month and client? Currently, I use a program I that a friend wrote that organizes information from the VW log file into an Excel spreadsheet which I then send to each client at the end of the month with my invoice. I have attached a copy of that output in PDF form.
  2. Katie, please read my original posting. OCE does not allow any 3rd party software on their machines. Also, while it is OCE responsibility to develop print drivers for their machines, they need to know that you (Vectoworks) exists. After repeated calls to OCE, I can assure you that they have never heard of this product. Interestingly, your competition is working hand in hand with OCE to develop appropriate drivers for all of OCE's machines: http://tss.oceusa.com/drivers/autocad.htm How about a phone call to OCE to develop appropriate drivers for your product?
  3. I too am having tremendous problems printing my drawings with my printshop and have had to resort to the .PDF approach for the time being. See my previous post for an entire description of my frustration with this software: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=22;t=000255
  4. I work with Architect 10.5 on a windows machine and typically send my files to a print house using an OCE 9800 http://www.oceusa.com/index.jsp I upgraded this past summer from Minicad 7.xx and used to create plot files using OCE's generic postscript print driver which can be downloaded from their site. This print driver doesn't seem to work as well with the newer version of Vectorworks, especially with hatches and worksheets. Since MacPlot isn't an option for me, and since PDF files don't work with OCE's machine, I am wondering what printing solutions are being utilized by users of Windows machines? I've spoken with OCE and their response was that my software vendor should contact them to develop an appropriate driver. I also spoke with my printshop about your viewer product by was told that OCE does not allow unauthorized software to be installed on their machines. Any ideas?


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