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  1. Thank you Peter! So I was missing something obvious! I kept changing the rotation angle and never even saw the arrow angle option!! Cheers, derek
  2. I am probably over looking something terribly obvious, but could someone PLEASE tell me how to make a section arrow point to the left without rotating the letters/numbers inside the circle? ThANK you, macitect
  3. Sorry if this has been covered, I looked but didn't find it. Is there a way to give solid fills a transparency? Thanks, macitect
  4. BaRa, Yes, I misunderstood...thought he was talking about the space bar with scroll wheel. Got it now thanks for the heads up. Jan15, Thanks for the clarification. It is all the exact same on Mac (alt instead of ctrl-the only minor difference). This certainly helps speed up working!!! Nice additions, Vectorworks.
  5. thanks for your reply. let me give a little more precision to my question: with the scroll wheel mouse I am able to zoom in and out by holding alt and scrolling, ie not having to go and click on the zoom tool. Is there anyway to access the pan tool in a similar way... not moving the mouse to the icon first? (I hate to say it but kinda like a*#*cad!) macitect
  6. I asked last spring if we could zoom with a scroll-wheel mouse. Have since bought one and been happily zooming in and out!!! NOW.... is there any way we could also pan with the mouse? That would be magnificent!!! Thanks
  7. I am just wondering if I buy a 2-button, scroll wheel mouse for my mac, will I be able to use the wheel to zoom in and out like in autocad? If anyone knows, please let me know asap, this clicking an scrolling is driving me nuts!! Thanks Macitect
  8. Thanks to you both for your speedy replies. Katie, I haven't sent you the answers because I found someone who was able to print it all for me. I'm glad i now know about the pdf option for next time i have any troubles... thanks!!
  9. quote: Originally posted by Katie: macitect Is the printing service using the VW aplication or the VW 9 Viewer? What version are they using? What type of printer are they using? What OS are they using? * There is also a Vw 10 viewer which they can download for free and install. They can open your VW 10 files and print away.
  10. i am using VW10 and have brought some stuff to the print shop. i know that the printers have VW9 so i saved the drawings as version 9 (as well as 10) in case of problems. they tell me that only parts of the drawings are coming out (like text but no lines...). when i reduce the scale or print on tiled 8.5x11s on my canon i550 at home they print out fine. i don't know what the problem could be and i need help asap! Has anyone else had similar problems or know of VW printers in Montreal? the place i brought my stuff to specialises in autocad and aren't very helpful. thanks in advance.
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